Mother Teresa biography

October 29, 2010
Imagine this scene; A woman helping homeless, sick, poor, uneducated, prisoners, and handicap people? That woman going to church for three fourths of her life? Believing in God every second of her entire life? Well, Mother Teresa was able to accomplish that. She was a Christian woman who spent there fourths of her life helping people out on the streets. Nevertheless, Mother Teresa was a person who was the change to the world by helping not only homeless but also sick, poor and other destitute people.

At an early age, Mother Teresa never thought of becoming of becoming a nun. She had a brother Lazar and a sister, Aga. Before the age of 18, Teresa’s life was mostly centered in church. She was fascinated with different missionary stories and she was able to locate any number of missions on the map, and tell others of the service being given on each place. At age 12, Teresa felt strongly the call of God. She knew she had to be a missionary to share the love of Christ. At age of 18, she became a nun and thought of beginning to travel on missions.

Being a young woman, Teresa became a volunteer her services and later became a core of compassion. In 1931, Teresa was sent to Darjeeling on the novitiate of the sisters of Loretta. The deepest wishes that that Sister Teresa had were depart to St. Mary’s High School for her service. For fifteen years, she served in the high school and asked the church for permission to leave the church and the school just to help out the people on the streets. For the next two years, Teresa was pointed by God towards helping the poor. She used the ground (dirt) and a stick to write on the ground, and by that she thought the kids some the education they needed. By giving the children the education, Teresa was able to get to meet their families and helped them out as much as she could. Before going out to the streets, Mother Teresa took a few medical courses. So it helped her out by helping out others that were out on the streets who were hurt, sick, shot and many more people.

Until her death in 1997, Mother Teresa continued her work among the poorest of the poor, depending on God with all of her needs. Honors too numerous to mention had come her way throughout the years, as the world stood astounded by her care for those who deemed a little value. Mother Teresa had different religious groups, and churches to help her, and started working on all different missions and so on. She also had help from all over the world. Finally on September 5th, 1997, Teresa finishing dinner and prayers, her weakened heart gave her back to God.

Mother Teresa is a person whose example whose example should be used of, because she was a big change to people that were sick, homeless, and others who she helped. Teresa didn’t think of being a nun, she began her service right at age of 20. Her hard labor also accounted before she even died. Mother Teresa was a big change to the world. She should be used as an example of a caring, helpful person.

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 6:57 am
Great article. A lot of great info. The grammar and spelling need a little work, but other than that it's awesome.
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