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October 28, 2010
My best friend knows every single detail about me. He knows my likes, my dislikes, my secrets, and pretty much everything else. We have a whole bunch in common, yet despite our similarities, we have our obvious differences. He loves spicy foods, Halo and football with all his heart, but there are times when I could honestly care less. I do watch football every Sunday that it’s on and of course I watch the Superbowl, and I do like to play some video games, thanks to him. We like most of the same things and act so much alike it’s not even funny. He knows when to say certain things and be there for me when I’ve had a really bad day. He loves to read as much as me, if not more than I do. If he’s not watching football, hanging out with his group of friends that call themselves “The Artisians”, playing Halo, Left for Dead 2 and other video games, he is reading.

He is a genius when it comes to his devious strategies, C.A.D. (Computer Architectural Design), and Math. He helps me with my homework, even though I know he hates it, he tries to put on a brave face. In addition to being a genius, he isn’t afraid to be who he really is. We are such nerds, claiming that the desk chair in his room is possessed, and our inside jokes are things that only we could ever understand. It’s almost like we can read each others minds, because we always say what the other person was going to say, or do what the other person was going to do. We laugh, and talk and always have fun when we are together (that is of course, if we’re not fighting). My best friend is my role model, because he is so nice and hardly judges people. He means so much more to me than he could ever understand.

I will probably never tell him about anything I’ve written before and after this sentence because I doubt he’ll believe me because he is my brother. Yeah I know, it is really strange that we would get along, and none of my friends get that, but that’s just how we are, we can’t really change that either. My brother is my best friend. There I said the impossible statement. But, he is honestly one of the strangest people I have ever met, and yet he is also one of the best. I get closer to him ever day by growing up and getting used to him and his (sometimes) obnoxious friends.

Despite the fact that we look nothing alike, and he is older than me by three years, we have said many times before that we should be twins. My brother is my best friend, my humor, role model and inspiration. He’s kind and supportive and so sarcastic, but that’s okay... some of the time. We fight a lot, so we’re not perfect, but in my personal opinion I think we’re almost as close as brother and sister can come. I mean if you’re a little sister, can you honestly say that your brother doesn’t annoy you too much and that he’s your best friend? And can you older brothers say that you genuinely like your little sister and enjoy her company?

We always have the most interesting conversations in the morning since we are still extremely tired. At night, we occasionally stay up late to talk about our life and what’s going on in school or anything else important. He is so much fun to be around and he is hilarious and very helpful. My brother will always be there for me and I’ll be there for him. Without him, I would probably be someone else than who I am today. No matter how much he annoys me, or how much we fight, and how much our interests differ, he’s always going to be my best friend. And maybe someday, I might let him read this but right now I’ll still talk to him in a sarcastic and condescending voice, and annoy him to death.Until then, I think I’ll laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.

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