The Hero

October 26, 2010
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There I was standing in the middle of the street hopeless and wet. I watched as the cozy people in their cars drove past and splashed muddy water all over me. My head hung low as I wished a million times that one day I would be a hero, or even just live in a house and eat regular food.
As I curled up in my torn up, ratty, old, broken shopping cart I heard a scream. “Ahh don’t hurt me!”I ran over and witnessed a guy about to slash a woman in the back. I grabbed the first think in sight which happened to be half of a baseball bat from the dumpster. I sprinted as fast as I had ever run. Right as I was about to swing he ducked and turned around.
He came at me like a crazy psychopath. He came swinging his whip barely missing my head. I threw the bat which knocked his whip out of his hand. The lady picked up the whip and hit the psychopath. He fell to the ground as he screamed bloody murder. She went to him and started to search him. The lady obviously found what she wanted and ran off.
I was so confused I didn’t know if that was hers or the psychopaths. After that day I have been a lot more confident in myself. “No one is going to mess with me. It’s going to be my life and I’m going to get back on track.”I said to myself. Everyday that’s what I told myself. All I have to do is believe.

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