My Hero

October 25, 2010
By Anonymous

My dad is my hero. He isn’t just a hero to me he is a hero to others. To make a living my dad is a firefighter . He has been a firefighter for about 30 years. When he works he works once every three days. He works a 24 hour shift from 6 a.m to 9 a.m the next morning.

When my dad goes to work he is the chief of his station and all the calls in his district. What happens when there is a call is that my dad suits up gets in his car looks were the call is on the laptop and goes! When he gets there, he see whats going on tells his men what to do and helps to get the job done.

When he gets home from work, you can tell when he has had a hard day. Usually when he has a hard day at work is that he might be tired, sore, or in a bad mood. But he always likes to get out side and play sports with me like baseball, or basketball. Or he pulls his own weight around the house and just cleans up to make everything look nice.

Another thing is my dad is very brave. He would climb a ladder up a sky scrapper just to save a persons life. He would risk his life for somebody he has never met, or anybody on his squad. Or if its just pulling some one out of a crashed car.

Around the firehouse there are many activities that my dad does. Like playing basketball out in the back. Or playing table tennis with the others. Also he can play raquetball down in the basement, lifting weight playing pool, cleaning up, and finishing his paper work. Honestly my dad has always been my hero.

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