Clayton's story

October 20, 2010
By Molli18 BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
Molli18 BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
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This is a true story about my 6 year old cousin Clayton.
Clayton was your average 6 year old he loved to ride his bike, hunt, fish, and play with his little brother he also loved his 2 older sister so much and of course his family :) He was so smart and full of energy and his smile could light up the whole world any one he came in contact with he brightened up their day. Clayton was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 3. and then
In the beginning of Summer 2009 Clayton was 5 years old and he wasn't acting like himself so my aunt took him into the hospital and the doctors decided to do a CT and a MRI which they found out that Clayton had a brain tumor and would need to have surgery right away at first they said it WASNT cancerous only to find out a few days later that it WAS cancerous and Clayton would need to have more surgeries and do chemo and radiation so he started that and he was kicking the cancer's butt!!! After one of his surgeries they sent him home and Clayton got very very sick....he could not keep anything down and he lost so much weight the doctors sure how he was even alive...It was a battle after that and it seemed like little Clayton just couldnt keep up but he was fighting!!! It turned out Clayton had an infected stitch in his head from the surgery and it was so infected and so deep they had to call in plastic surgeons to fix Claytons head...After one of his surgeries Clayton didnt talk...we couldnt get him so say a word and then he stopped eating and then he stopped walking...but i will tell you one thing he never stopped....SMILING :] To keep this from being so long basically Clayton kept fighting and COMPLETED his chemo and radiation :) we were all so proud of him!!! he was home for awhile until he started having problems and he had to be air-lifted to another state every time something went wrong...Clayton was put on TPN (basically a feeding tube just directly to his stomach though) but he wasn't gaining weight...Clayton spent all of his time in the hospital pretty much and doctors eventually decided to do another MRI and CT....thats when we got the news again...Clayton's cancer was back and not only in his brain but it wrapped around his spine and went all the way down his back...the doctors said there was nothing we could do...we all cried so hard and Gavin (claytons little brother) who is 4 said "mom i feel some tears coming on but they just wont come out" The doctors tried to make Clayton as comfortable as they could but it was too much for Clayton and he had to be put on morphine for the pain he also had about 10-26 seizures a day so they would just basically put him in a sleeping coma because the pain and the seizures were just too much they also put in a trachea because he didnt breathe that well anymore...On July 29th heaven decided they needed their angel back and Clayton passed away.

The author's comments:
This is the brave story of my 6 year old cousin and his battle with brain cancer.

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