From Past Scars Forms the Cross: American Red Cross

October 19, 2010
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As countless people fell susceptible to multiple injuries and diseases, those who rested comfort and luxury just watched as these people slowly fade into their death. The fact that they were not able to help these people tortured and tormented them. As we watched countless people fall, we hold a state of sympathy and helplessness as we wish and long to help these people. Without the comfort and reassurance of other people, those who injuries and deadly diseases affected slowly faded into a state of xenophobia and longing for a hand. Although we greatly wished to help these people, there was very little that done.

On 1881, Clarissa (Clara) Barton founded a society that helped those fallen few. With a heart that bled whenever it witnessed the pain and distress of others, Clara decided to put her life aside and uphold the lives of others. Her sympathies and understandings of the human soul lent a colossal hand in the perversities of the American Red Cross. She dedicated her life to helping and ultimately saving the lives of countless people. From the pains inflicted to the people of the past, this one hero created an adamant chain of people who aid those who need help. It was within the scars of past wounds that she molded a society that gives to those who are less fortunate than that of other people.

From those past deeds, we carried the work of Clara Barton into the modern world as a gateway to humanity. From the sympathies and empathy we give to others, we lend a hand in the work of this brave woman. By merely thinking that there is a possibility of helping those who are injured, we place a thought in our minds that shall reach completion. With these simple thoughts, we create a bridge to the sick and wounded that we willingly cross. From that mere thought, we generate a love for humanity that is impossible to bend. From the scars of others, we hold a state of mind that longs to help us. It is completely up to the individual whether he or she listens to it.

The American Red Cross is a nation that helps those in need of medical assistance. Although it may not seem as much, that reassurance gives hope to countless others in search of a life filled with hope and the comfort that others have. If a thought of helping those who are wounded and sick crosses your mind, have the heart and soul to do something about it. The deed you did to help this organization fills your heart with a sense of love. We give those who we helped a sense of love. We find hope in the love we give to others and the love we receive from those people. Although we may not remember the things we did, they are the most beautiful things that humans possess.

The author's comments:
While I wrote this, I kept thinking of how big an impact Clarissa (Clara) Barton made when she founded the American Red Cross.

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