The Endless Rows of Dedication: Our Soldiers

October 16, 2010
When you look at someone, who or what do you see? When I look at someone, I always see the same thing: hope, despair, and need. We all need hope, and thanks to the people who selflessly give up their lives, we have that comfort. For the sake of the lives of every one of us, despair looms in the minds of those who sacrifice their lives for the safety of us. In reality, however, despair fills our hearts with the thought that these courageous few might not come home to a family that loves and respects them. We can all make a difference; we all will do something that helps these people. The real mystery that shrouds the air is when we will sum up the courage to help them.

We all stand together as one: a republic, a people, and a beacon of hope for all those who need freedom. We are all Americans; even more still, we are all human. We are all flawed, but it is within those flaws that perfection arises. It is because we make mistakes and have the potential to learn from those mistakes that we are human. It is because of these mistakes that we all need someone to help us through those dark times. We all need someone to lean on now and then, and we are not about to forget those who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order for us to live in comfort. Now we have the opportunity to do the same for them.

It does not matter whether or not we personally know these people or we know that they actually exist. What does make a difference is the heart you have to lend a hand at the darkest times. Despite the masculinity and power that anyone could show, we are all vulnerable to everything that exists in this world. We are not going to stand here and do nothing while these brave few risk their lives for us. We, as one nation, as one people, will all do something that will help them. As Susan B. Anthony once spoke, “It was we the people, not we the male citizens, nor yet we the white male citizens.” Whether we are Caucasian, African American, Asian, or any other race, whether we are male or female, we can make a difference just by being ourselves. We can help by praying and hoping that these soldiers will come home with the weight of America off their shoulders for them to rest in the luxuries that we are now living.

We can all support our troops by appreciating what they are now doing. Whenever you see a soldier walking by you, get the heart to turn towards him or her and tell that person how much you appreciate him or her. It is within those few words that these men and women gain the strength and will to do their best. There is so much we can do just by telling them that we love and respect them. We live in the privilege of America: a land of unity and freedom because of the deeds of the military, navy, marines, and the air force. Do whatever you humanly can to support our troops. By doing so, we will not be supporting our troops exclusively; we would be helping the entire world enter an era of peace and justice.

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