My Grand Hero

October 25, 2010
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My grandpa happens to be my biggest hero. He’s my hero because, he never raised his voice or grew angry at me. He did the same with my brother and my dad I think. My papa took me to movies, sporting events, and many other things that I asked for (but I didn’t get every thing I wanted). But if I wanted Bacon and Eggs for dinner I got it with Ice cream as my dessert. This is all in addition to toking us to the pet store and the park and fun places like that.

Grandpa was always willing to help me with school work, or anything else like advice or sports or just life.This man was one of the nicest people I’ve ever meet in my life.Sadly my life with him was only six years long. I wish it could have been longer but it wasn’t

Our relationship together was so short because he battled cancer for one to two years with no problems visible to a six year old. In spite of battling cancer he taught me to never give up. If you don’t think you can finish something don’t quit, try over and over until you succeed.

Papa also taught me how to build projects out of wood. With him he taught me so many valuable lessons like one, “Finish what you started.”. It was these things that made me the person I am today

Alongside my grandpa we had thousands of memories.but when he died in 2001 of lung cancer. it was a completely normal day. In fact My dad, mom, brother, and I even went to visit My grandma & grandpa. We stayed for a delicious lunch then my brother (8 years old) and I (still 6 years old) walked him to his favorite recliner chair the he got two years ago for Christmas. The we turned on the T.V. then we went over to my other grandparents house as we were in the car My papa “went to sleep” with his hat over his eyes and that was it. when we got to our other grandparents house my dad got a call from his sister, she said that my Nonna called her and said that papa won’t wake up. My parents left my brother and I with the grandparents house that we were currently at and left immediately. When we were a the funeral my mom, aunt, Nonna and my dad started to cry I did (My now deceased grandpa was my dads’ dad). When the funeral ended we went to the reception at my Nonna’s house, Everything went all right I played a board game with my brother and cousins and I forgot everything that happened just hours ago.

Looking Over the years after he died I realized that all my old memories would not be replaced with new ones. Little did I know that we would plant a tree in my Nonna’s back yard in memory of him. We also added a whole walk way and sitting area as well as many miraculous flowers surrounding the very pleasant space. There are many more reasons why he is “My Grand Hero” but I don’t want to waste your time any longer.

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