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October 25, 2010
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Whenever I am playing a sport I love to have my parents there. My mom comes to every one of my sports games. My dad only comes to a few. It makes me mad when i make a spectacular play they didn’t see it. Above all i think it is a privilege to have my brother come because i look up to him and i do my best to try to impress him.

My father is never home because he travels to different states for work. He usually leaves on Sunday nights and comes homes on Friday nights. He works really hard to make my life great but i wish he could spend a little more time with me. I love my dad and i wish he could be home a lot more.

Three weeks ago my dad was in Texas and i had a game against Wheat Ridge. In this game i had two touchdowns and played great defence. In the game i also broke my wrist and had to be rushed into the hospital. The thing is my dad was in Texas so he wasn't there to help me through the pain and the suffering. Instead of my mom at the hospital i would want my dad because he makes me laugh. A week later my dad finally came home and saw my cast.

During football season my dad is usually at my game because he doesn't have work on Saturdays. When baseball comes around it is usually is just my mom who comes to my games because my baseball games are usually all week long. I know my dad is working hard to keep food on the table but it is sad when he isn't there. When my dad is at my game he gets into the the game not like my mom. during the game she just sits, takes pictures, and talks tho the other to the other parents. If i could choose which parent to come to my baseball and football games it would be my Father.

Last Saturday my dad was down in Arizona watching my brother play baseball and i had a football game. Before the game my dad called me and said “ I wish I was there.” My mom came to my game and it was the best game of my life I scored two touchdowns, one interception, fumble, and a kick return for 50 yards. I was so proud of myself but my dad missed the whole thing. After the game my dad called me and said “ good job today” and that's all he said. So whenever I'm playing a sport i want both of my parents at the game.

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