Inspired by You on a Silver Platter: an Ode to the Troublesome

October 1, 2010
By KRR131719 PLATINUM, McDonough, Georgia
KRR131719 PLATINUM, McDonough, Georgia
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* More than we rely on other people, we rely on other peoples ignorance.
*Just a little thank you, to all the morons that led me to learning to write well; you are the razors of the pen that draws the blood I write with. I owe it all to your mistakes.

There are people in this world who are extra ordinary; people who burst through the stereotypes and break down the caging walls of reality. There exist beings who reside in a world of wonder so deep that the ordinary fantasies of normality in life bores them so extremely that their mind becomes numb. I am saying there are people out there who have been offered the world on a silver platter and still are enveloped in misery. There are people who don’t crave ‘the world’; people who seek something more.

Perhaps there is an intensity dwelling inside those who exist outside the ordinary shell of the human mind; an intensity that burns away pleasure from earthly possessions and ideas leaving them dim, leaving them dull. Perhaps there are people who are repulsed by the idea of being ‘offered the world on a silver platter’ because they can see that what’s rotting upon that tin slab isn’t all it claims to be. Perhaps they’d much prefer to experience earth, experience life in all its decay, in all its grotesque beauty as it truly is; without all the dressings. Perhaps a person can push away the ‘platter’ and understand that its what’s best for if they had accepted it as the gift it was meant to provide they would have lost the portion of themselves that separates them from humanity as a whole. Perhaps all those people that the average person sees as foolish for pushing their ‘chances’ away knew, to the fullest extent, what he or she was doing and all that it would cause and understood that it’s what they wanted; for what the average human is offered or has to offer is dull in comparison to all that comes when a person revolts from normality; melting their platters and burning their views of the world for sheer entertainment.

There isn’t nearly enough said for these extraordinary people and there aren’t enough to say it for far too few truly understand. People look at the beings of whom I speak and ask, “Why? Why did you throw this chance away? Why didn’t you try harder? Why do you always fail?” All these question do is make their speaker appear ignorant in the eyes of the questioned because they simply reply with, “Why not? What did I have to lose? What makes you think I didn’t try and are you so blind that you can’t see that I did indeed prevail?” They search for meaning in experience, knowledge, and emotion rather than success and material possessions. They learn from their mistakes and embrace each tear as inevitable instead of cringing away from their fate. Their emotions boil and screech while an ordinary person’s only simmers at a whisper. They hurt deeper, understand greater, and love stronger than the average human could ever begin to imagine with their meager, sheltered minds. Perhaps they chose what they chose because they prefer that outcome. They thrive off emotion and the dull buzz of every day life just isn’t enough fuel to survive off for very long; just isn’t enough to sustain. They lose drive when they lose purpose and would go to the end of the world to find it again. Their life is an existence far beyond, far above the average; their live is a legend, a tale to be told, and a tale worth telling.

Sometimes there are beings that cause normality to shudder. Sometimes there are people who shatter the transparent reality of the average life and inject into it the exquisite color of their own. Sometimes two come into contact with each other and cause such an intricate dance of illusion, seduction, and surrealism; cause such a complicated allure of beauty; such an explosion of life itself that earth, sitting high upon her silver platter waiting to be served to the ordinary, the average, the normal, quakes down to her core. Sometimes when a person finds one of these rare minds, times itself seems endlessly frozen and one eternity simply isn’t long enough to develop a grand enough understanding of each fiber of this persons soul. When a person finds one of these minds it complicates you; it challenges you; it changes you. There are people out there who are different. Perhaps these people know more of right and wrong than the people elected to enforce them. Sometimes there are people who would prefer profound love, full understanding, and stout support in a small plastic bowl to the entire ‘world’ on a silver platter.

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