My True Hero

August 24, 2010
By Mary_O333 PLATINUM, Ledyard, Connecticut
Mary_O333 PLATINUM, Ledyard, Connecticut
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What you wish to see in the world, be the change!

Eminem writes songs to have people relate to, and I write poems to express how I feel, but when u listen to a song by Eminem, you can relate, you can feel a vibe go through you that says, hey that is just like my life, he says in his songs exactly how he feels, he expresses himself through music, music which is art, so were alike in many ways, we both express ourselves through art, art can be described as so many things, but what I see in art is a way of expressing what one really feels, they just can’t find a way to get it out so they say, hey I’m going to go write this down, and see how it sounds, but it’s so much more, we can be described as tough, independent, but at other times we need some1 else to lean on, some1 to help us get through the pain, of living in the dark, so many people lie these days, and they act like were stupid and we can’t tell, but the truth is I love the way you lie, just like Eminem says in his very own song, it’s hard to notice that what he says is reality to a lot of people, some people got it better than others, and some just hope for the best, but if it’s one thing that I’ve learned from his songs is that no matter what goes on, you got to stay strong, because like he says in his song Beautiful, it might sound corny but don’t let any1 tell you you’re not beautiful. Eminem speaks the truth, and he inspires me to write, honestly I wasn’t that into him until about a year ago. Now he’s my idol. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t listen to his songs, his songs or raps as some may call it, are everything to me, they help me see who I truly am, inside for what others don’t take the time to see, the real me.

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i stayed up all night writting took me a while to decide what to write about...but i finally found the perfect subject

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