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June 12, 2010
By becfosho SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
becfosho SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
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Looking at the girl I was 7 years ago, to the girl that I have become, I cant help but wonder what molded me into the person I am today, and then I thought of the person most people would choose, their own mother. My mom is an amazing woman, she has been by my side since day one. From the cuts and bruises, to my first heartbreak. This always seemed like “normal” mom behavior, but, as I've gotten older, I realized that's not always true, which makes me appreciate my mom even more, because I know the things she has gone through.

Your first love is supposed to be a wonderful experience, one that you would remember forever... My moms wasn't so wonderful. 18 years old, being abused verbally, physically, and mentally daily. Not to mention, a baby on the way.. Me. She was strong through it all, taking every beating. Two children later, drugs were chosen over her and the three of us children, ending the first bad road shes had to endure. This has taught me to never depend on anyone, because when he left, he never bothered to help take care of us. Leaving us to live off of welfare, and coupons for a year, and then my mom met another man.

The way she puts it, “I never thought I would ever love a man, ever again, until I met your father.” After having such a bad experience with all of the other men in her life, she never expected to meet, and fall in love with, who I call my father, today. He has completely changed my moms life. Helped her find some hope, and has loved her unconditionally for 11 years. He had a child also, and our little family of four, was suddenly turned into a family of six on March 11, 2000. Not long after the marriage, we moved to Maine. Since marrying my dad, my mom has gotten a good paying job, and recently started to attend a community college to become a nurse. She has never given up, even at the worst of times. She has kept her head up, and moved forward, always proving people that she is more than meets the eye.

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