My Hero

June 3, 2010
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Do you have a hero in your life? I know I do. This person is not the type of hero everyone thinks of, he’s not superman or spider man, no, he is just my big brother. Even though he is only my brother, he has a very big influence on me. He is my role model, my best friend, and well, he’s just him.
With him being my big brother, he has become my role model. He helps me with everything from issues with our parents, to issues with boys, even though he hates talking about it. I always know if I ever need someone to talk to or someone to help me through something, he will always be there for me, much like a best friend would be.
Ever since I was born we have had a special bond. It was like when you meet someone in kindergarten and right away you know you are going to be best friends. Much like best friends, we always know what the other one is thinking or what they are going to do or say next. We finish each others sentences, laugh about an old time without even talking about it, and we can sense when something is wrong no matter how far apart we are. When ever we talk about something, he is always honest with me, no matter how hard it is for him.
That’s my biggest reason why he is my hero, because he is straight forward with me no matter how bad it will hurt me. When I was little he would always make me hold his had when we crossed the street, just in case a car came out of nowhere. We would rather hang out with me than hang with his friends. That’s just him being him.
My brother, my best friend, and my role model. Everything he does, whether good or bad, he inspires me. When he does something wrong he tells me to do the complete opposite, even though I am more like him then most people want to believe.

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