Urkel's Big Day

June 1, 2010
He was running down the street. He was in a blind panic. He had witnessed a robbery in progress. This is how it happened.

He was a teenager named Urkel. He was a loser. He didn’t have any friends, and he kept to himself. Surprisingly he had only gotten beaten up once. Urkel had red hair and freckles. He was on the chubby side, and he had a ton of acne. At gym the girls could do more push ups them him, and in the mile last year he passed out after two laps.

It all started when he was walking home from a party he thought he was invited to. Turn out he wasn’t and it was a joke some of the jocks had played on him. When he showed up they opened the door and started laughing at him. Then they made fun of him for a little bit. After they were done they slammed the door in his face. Urkel couldn’t go home. His parents forced him to the party and said that he should hang out with some people his own age. He told them he would go. Unlike most parents they told him he shouldn’t be home until 12. So Urkel had some time to kill. He went to the park. He sat down on the bench and stared off into space. Urkel got bored of it very fast. So he decided he would walk around the park. Urkel wasn’t scared, because he was a black belt in Karate.

Urkel soon got bored of just walking around the park. He would rather be sitting at home playing with his legos. So he started wondering around the town. He ended up walking by the bank. At this time it was about 10:30, and he wondered why there were lights on in the bank. So he hid behind the bush. He watched what the people were doing in the bank. They all had ski masked on. Luckily he had brought his phone which had a video camera. He turned on the phone’s video camera, and he started recording the mysterious men. One of the men looked outside. He stared staring right at the bush. Urkel was in. Urkel didn’t notice, but when he hit record a red light turned on. The man stepped outside. He walked over to the bush. Urkel didn’t know what to do so he stayed as still as he could. The man jumped into the bush and grabbed Urkel. Urkel screamed like a little girl, and punched the man in the face. Urkel started to run down the street. The man that he had punched was so shocked that he just sat there. He couldn’t believe that a guy like Urkel would punch him. When the mysterious man finally got to his sense Urkel was already down the corner. The man just thought he would run home to his parents and tell them the story, and his parents wouldn’t believe him.

Urkel had been running for about 30 seconds, and he was already panting. He couldn’t stop running though. He had to get to the police station. It was a battle to keep himself running. He promised himself that after this he would get a gym membership and he would work out.

When he got to the police station he was a mess. He could’ve filled a pool up with the amount of sweat he had. He was also out if breath, and so when he got in the police station he couldn’t tell them what was happening. After five minutes he could breathe rather well. He told the cop what happened. The cop got on the radio, and he radioed out to all the cops in the area to go to the bank. On the radio he told them that people were trying to rob the bank.

The cops showed up at the bank and three men were there. They arrested them and took them to the police station. Urkel when seeing the men screamed again, because he was so scared. He fainted.

When he woke up he was told that the men had confessed to trying to rob the bank. Urkel was excited, and he couldn’t wait to tell the kids at school what he had done. When he got to school and told everyone what happened, but no one believed him. The next day there was a huge new article about what happened and it mentioned Urkel’s name. The next day he became instantly popular. For the rest of his high school career he was the coolest person in the high school. Urkel later became a cop, and he lived happily ever after.

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