May 16, 2010
By BBBenson BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
BBBenson BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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yea budy

My grandpa has always been there for me, if I need to be picked up from some ware he’ll be there to pick me up. My Grandpa has influenced my life because he has taught all me about fixing trucks and tractors. He also taught me how to drive. Every thing he has taught me has or will come in handy someday.

My grandpa taught me how to drive. He taught me to drive a manual transmission truck because he had a stroke and he couldn’t drive. That’s because the doctor said and grandma said no. So I was the next best thing. My grandpa also taught me to drive because he taught my dad how to drive when he was 7. And so it was my turn. But that’s not the only thing he taught me.

Grandpa taught me how to do easy that’s when fixes on the tractors, because If I breaks down I go to him. I started to watch and learned how to do the easy fixes my self. Another reason I do this is because I take after my dad. I like to fix big things and he knows that. So these are some reasons that he taught me how to fix tractors.

I was also taught how to gut out a deer, I shot a 13 point buck one day so I got him and when we got to the sight he said “holy crap”! So then we got started gutting it out and drug out of the woods to the road and in the truck we were really tired. So that’s why he taught me how to gut out a deer so I can do that all by my self.

My grandpa has shown me lots of useful things that I will need in the future. I want to know if there’s anyone that has influenced you like my grandpa dose. If not you should find someone that will. And those are just three reasons that my grandpa has influenced me.

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