Who is my hero?

April 6, 2010
By sara1994 BRONZE, MAYSEL, West Virginia
sara1994 BRONZE, MAYSEL, West Virginia
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Well if you would have asked me just nine months ago I would have gave you a different answer. I would have told you john cena was my hero. At that he was the person that I looked up to most. He made it in a career that few every get the chance to do. Cena proved that he be longed In the WWE. My aunt was up my house eating nachos, she stared feeling sick. She told my uncle she thought it was ban air pocket so she drank some water. The next thing we no she out the back door throwing up. Yeah that normal people get sick sometimes, but this was not normal she was throwing up straight blood. We called 911 when they got here we told them what we new. Everyone got in the car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. When we got to the hospital the doctor asked a bunch of questions, but more my aunt talked the worse she throws up. The doctor final said they need to put her under so they could put her on this really big machine that breaths for you. She asked if she could call her daughter and dad to tell them her loved. I told her if anything did happen to her I would watch over her. The doctor made everyone leave the ER. When finally told us that they were going to run a tube down her throat to see what was going on. They found that there was a 12 inch blood coat in her throat. The doctor said she would have to be flown out by chopper in morning to Pittsburgh for it to be removed. In the morning they told us we would have brief window to see her and tell her bye. So Jennifer, jay and I went back to see her. I never seen jay cry in my whole life time. She signed to us that she loved us we all cried. I told that I loved her. Some more family came in so we had to leave the room. I got back out to the lobby and started crying. At this point I was thinking what if I never see her again. When she got to Pittsburgh they removed 75% of the clot in the first night. The doctor removed the rest the next day. They kept her up there a few days then said she could come home. When she crossed the West Virginia line she called us and screamed I’m home. I went home with her that night and me her and Jennifer put off fireworks. The next day dad said I had to come home because he wanted me there for the fourth of July. My aunt Janine came up the next day so I rode back down to her house. Dad picked me up later that day. When I left she was sitting on the porch watching her grandchildren play in the yard. I did not know it at the time but that was the last time I would ever see her smile. Late that night my uncle called he was up set he would not tell me what was wrong. He said let me talk to your dad. So took dad the phone my uncle said Janine gone. My dad could not understand what he said. So my parents and I get in the car and rush to were my uncle lived. When we got there they had already took my aunt out in the ambulance. Kevin and my dad get the truck and go to hospital. We all were a wreck except the two sleeping kids who did not know what happened. A couple hours later we get a call from my dad saying my aunt had died. Janine may have not been my mom but she was really close to one. When I heard the news it felt like someone ripped my heart out. I know it hurts me that she gone but I can’t begin to know what Jennifer is going throw since it was her mom. Still to this day I come and wait for her call it never comes. On birthday she was always the first to call. In my eyes she is a superhero. She was always cheering someone up and lending a helping hand. I love and miss my loving aunt Janine. I know she up in heaven drinking mountain dew smile down watching over all her family and friends. So who is my hero well that easy it my Aunt Janine.

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well what can say this about my hero

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