My hero Who Cane Home

April 4, 2010
By ItsOnWithBri BRONZE, Riverside, California
ItsOnWithBri BRONZE, Riverside, California
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My hero who came home.

Id like to talk about the time my uncle Marcelino was deployed to war, Iraq.

It was just after Christmas when we received the news he was deploying soon after. Didn't even get to spend the New Year together like we always did as a tradition. He was and will always be my favorite uncle. He was a big part of my up bringing. He helped watch us as my mother went to school at night to give us a better life, a single mother of four girls. He pretty much helped my mom raise us and he did an awesome job.

Well, eventually we grew up, mother remarried and my uncle was still around to occasionally baby-sit, us or just hang out with his favorite girls. He joined the army and continued to call us when ever he was out of state on certain missions, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Kosovo, he always called to check on us and see how we were doing in school.

My uncle finally met the woman of his dreams and married her. Within a year she was pregnant and now he's having his very own girl. The day he left to Iraq he pulled us girls and boys aside and gave us all a necklace of St. Nicholas on the back it said “ Pray for Us”, 'he said for me and all the other soldiers, don't take this off till I come home safe'.

When my uncle was in Iraq fighting he had gotten a call, saying his wife was having bad contractions. He was sent home through the Red Cross. He made it in time for the birth and spent only one week with his daughter. Born on Friday boarded a plane the following Friday back to War.

He was very brave when he left his one week old daughter behind not knowing what the future had planned. He left a video and a recording of his voice so she can hear him daily and would recognize him when time passed and his daughter grew older, we had a special bonding with her and it was our turn to help raise, watch over his daughter the way he was there for us.

Now the time has come when we heard he was coming home and we were so anxious and praying he would make it safely and alive to us and his own family.

My uncle is home now and has made me feel so proud of him for his braveness, in-selfishness cause he was willing to fight for what's right and didn't even think twice about dying. And thats my hero for you!!

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i wanted to tell people about my hero and that my hero might relate to other peoples heroes as well.

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