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March 23, 2010
By haileysue212 BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
haileysue212 BRONZE, Grand Junction, Michigan
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i coverdd that orange!!
its like i live 2 lives.. my first life is ok sometimes but my second life is great all the time.. so i wanna just live in my second life and forget about the first!!!

Most people think a hero has to be someone who has saved your life. To me, a hero can be anyone you want it to be. It can be someone who has just been in your life and meant a lot to you, like my hero. My hero has been in my life since day one. He hasn’t done anything big like saving my life, but he has taught me the most important things in life. My hero is my dad, Ernie.

My dad has six kids. Even though he lives three hours away, he still finds a way to see us almost every month for a week at a time. He is a person who you can trust with anything.

About nine years ago, we were in the car on our way back to mom’s house. It was around ten o’clock, and the moon was out. I was crying. I didn’t want him to leave. The last thing he said to me that night was, “Just look for the moon, and if you see it, you will know I will always be with you.”

One of the things he has taught me is that it isn’t always about what people think of you, it’s more about what you think of yourself. To him, my grades are very important. He says if you can’t get good grades in school, you won’t do anything with your life. Another thing he has taught me is that I should never let anything get in between my family and me.

If it weren’t for my father, I would not be the person I am today. He has helped me through all my struggles and listened to me when I needed him the most. He has made a great impact on my life. I will never be able to repay him for all he has done for me.

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