When I Met an Angel

April 10, 2010
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I’ve never met a person that knew so much about me. She was the first person that I could show myself to. She understands everything. She’s always on my side, even when I’m wrong. I would take a bullet for her. I would do anything to keep her morning glory smile alive and shining. She never makes me feel insecure or undefended. Her sleepy face reminds me of a little baby, stretching her arms at me reaching for a hug. She walks in pouting and stomping her foot, trying to look angry. Her eyes strike charcoal black, and her smile is long gone. I know she’s mad at something, but I can’t stop from keeping back a smile, because her cheeks are flushing and her doll face is as cute as ever. I wish her luck before tests, and she does the same for me. I pray for her at night and I tell everyone she’s the best. I promise to invite her to my wedding and all of the parties I have, if she is willing to come.

Our friendship started out pretty weird. At first, I didn’t know who she was. When I finally became aware of her existence, I decided that I wasn’t appreciated by her. Actually, I hated her at first. She was harsh and independent. She rarely laughed and her footsteps were confident. No sign of anxiety or loneliness on her first day of school. Her straight jet black hair swayed past her shoulders as her lips grew white from pressing them together too tight. She played cool and she didn’t smile when I asked if she wanted to walk home with us. Some people stopped being open and pleasant, but I began to see depression hidden in her features; I saw a different sensation in her eyes. My anger melted and I stopped to lend her a helping hand. I tried to open her heart, prying little by little. I knew I could reach her. She was similar to me. Not physically, but spiritually, in a way. Inch by inch, she began to trust me. I found a way to be someone in her life. And before I knew it, she was an important person to me. She turned out to become my best friend. My heart was used to shutting down before anyone got near, but she had the perfect touch. I could tell her everything. You’re the only person that I feel comfortable with. I saw something in your eyes. I’m only 7 days other than her, and I’ve been living within an hour from her all my life. Yes, in Japan and in the United States. Our younger siblings are the same age, and we enjoy the same sports, aside from soccer. I feel as if you were another version of me, living a different life. I believed that there was another piece of me somewhere out there in the world, and at this point of life, I see it in you. It just took 15 years for me to notice, and for us to meet. I see my smile in hers, and I find her voice on the other end of the phone line when I need to talk someone. I watch her as she becomes the lady I want her to be. She’s real pretty and her level headed intelligence wrap her dimpled face and make a talented angel. Her laugh brings me home, and relaxes me when I feel like I’m about to explode of anger. Her sincere eyes zap my madness away and help me be myself. I believe she is an angel God sent.

She stands out in the crowd and she glows in my sight. Her eyes sparkle and she shines, and her achievements and her successes bring happy tears to my eyes. Every step she takes, I take another, trying to keep up. She leaps away, turning back for me to catch up. She’s a fast learner and she knows all the ways past me now.

Her pierced ears are useless and she never wears the earrings I gave her, but she’s still great, even if she never pays attention to me when she’s staring at a guy. Her smile springs flowers in the air and her kindness comes from her heart. She funny and knows how to be serious when she needs to. Her chocolate smeared smile and her giggles make me feel happy. I bet she wouldn’t get mad if I slapped her or if I spilled my milk all over her. I’m not going to try, of course. I’m just pointing out that she is not short tempered like I am, as I find it very hard to control myself at sometimes. Self control is something I have been lacking since my early years. My ability to lie without changing my facial features like a spy didn’t really help my karate skills, but it helped me mature myself. I’m a lot better with self control now, and my extra energy is spent on laughing. I found myself through my best friend. She’s always been an angel. Her pretty features and her pure footsteps make me feel protected and secure. Her smile is contagious, and I find myself trying to live like she does. Straight, pure, and willing. Her confidence and self consciousness keeps her chin high. She speaks to me and makes me feel significant.

I’m honest with her, and I think of her as family. She should really join my family. Did you know I have a twin brother? That would be the perfect thing. I heard that twins have some kind of emotional knot. Maybe we can work that on my best friend. I hope when you read this you are smiling, and I hope you’re happy. I never tell you this when I’m talking to you, but I really do have the best days with you.

Our future holds a lot, and I know that sometimes we will head in different directions. I’m not afraid being alone, but I’m afraid of losing your trust. I hope you see the same me in my eyes 30 years from now, when we have our own families. Who knows what the future will bring? I might be living in America 2 years from now. You might be studying a totally different thing. Nobody would know that we took the same classes in our junior year, and nobody would know that you were the best friend anyone could ever have. I just want you to know that you made a huge difference in my life, and you helped me put myself together when I was going through hard times. You’re on my speed dial and my fingers are used to finding you out of my contact list. I can do it in my sleep.

I hope that I exist this way in you too, and I hope we remain friends until my heart stops beating, and my breathing slows down to a halt. My dreams may never cross yours, but I want you know that I know God put you in my life for a reason. I want you to know that I understand that you are the far most brilliant person in the world. You are a beautiful young lady and I look up to you. I have so many things to learn from you, and I hope that in some way I have made you smile.

When you’re sad or missing me, I want you to remember the days we laughed endlessly over the hilarious scenes of Valentine’s Day, repeating the scenes of Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. I want you to remember how we loved the Twilight Saga and how I sent so many pictures of Lautner and Pattinson to your cell phone, just to annoy you. I want you to remember the school days we spent together, the times we listened to music, the times we ate candy, and laughed all of the sugar out of our systems.

I want to thank my best friend for always being there, on my side. She has been the best person, and I hope somewhere in her heart she feels the same about me. I’ve been able to go through my hard times because she was there. The happy times became more enjoyable because her laugh was there. Her funny character and her gentle personality, and her occasional sparks make her complete. Her talented and gifted self should be awarded with the world’s best award. My eyes are blurring as I write this, my fingers typing frantically. Her smile flashes in my head and I stare at her as I foresee her future in my head. She will meet the best man in the world, and she will be the happiest girl in existence. She is the best girl in the whole wide world, and I have to admit that I want to be like her. She is the best sister and I know that her sisters are very lucky. Her strength makes me stronger, and her weakness makes me feel confident. Inside and outside, she shines more than I do, and God smiles on her. My eyes will burn as she walks down the aisle one day, and my hands will clap the loudest. I will hug her the longest, and my eyes will be the only pair that can see deep far down in her heart. She will be the prettiest on all of the days I look forward to, and she will always be the one to keep me from tripping. She may not stand out in me, but I’m here to tell you that she is the only pushing me from behind. I would be lying if I said that she was an ordinary friend. She is a true angel, and her beauty glows. I hope this is the way you saw our friendship, because to me you are an angel and you are the person everyone would want to be. Your truthfulness and loveliness deserve to be respected. You were always there for me, and I’ll always be here for you. My best friend is an angel.

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xxlexilooxx said...
May 4, 2010 at 6:48 pm
wow, this really touched me and I now want to be like your best friend. I hope that you two will always be friends, and I also think that you are an amazing writer. :)
Rosalie replied...
May 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm


she is awesome!


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