The Warrior

February 20, 2010
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Once, when the earth was young, the land undeveloped by mankind, there was a warrior; his name was Tonaka. Tonaka's people, a tribe of hunter-gatherers, had been completely obliterated by the surrounding tribes. There was no technology, omitting spears, leather shields, and leather garments. The other tribes had discovered a way to use animals as weapons. First, they had to domesticate the animals by training them. While training the great beasts, they discovered, from their vast and unlimited resources of the wild and untamed forests that surrounded them, what the creatures favored most, and used that knowledge to train them. Tonaka had mastered the skill himself, and was in the process of teaching the rest of the village when the other tribes attacked. With what little they knew about it, they tried to defend themselves, but in vain. Within hours, the surrounding villages had swarmed in and killed all but one, Tonaka. He had fought valiantly, but was forced to retreat in the end. He was very disappointed in himself for not being able to successfully defend his home village, even though he was the strongest, fastest, and smartest man in the village. But he did not have time to forge the newest weapon he had discovered, the iron sword. With it, he believed he would become the most famous man in the world. He thought that he could not defend his home because he had not forged it earlier. He was depressed, traveling to strange and distant lands; to him he was running away from his problems, but to others, this was a heroic quest, in which he was to better himself for revenge. On his travels, he picked up several apprentices, to whom he taught his secrets. He needed apprentices only for backup. Once one was trained entirely, another was quickly found, making the others feel unwanted. Once, he had read a script, written long ago, that told of a mage whose home was just a ways from his current location. That mage was the last to have mastered the art of how to enchant a bundle of items, all at once, to have the ability of communication and teleportation. So, he set out to find this mage’s home as described in the script. He had reached the mage’s home and had asked if he would teach him this fine art. The mage agreed but requested one thousand gold pieces, for he knew this traveler was rich in wealth. It took a surprising yet grueling amount of time, a month, to master the skill, but it was worth the results. The last things that he had successfully enchanted, he used and gave his apprentices one each. When he finally returned to his home village he was even stronger, smarter, and faster than before. Also, he had forged the sword by now, which gave him a massive advantage over the others. Right before he attacked, he summoned the numerous apprentices to him, to fight beside him in combat. He was victorious in many battles. Though many died during battle, he fought on. Soon the people of his tribe had forgotten the horrible attack so many years ago. However, they recollected and praised this hero, whom they knew not of, that had fought for revenge and defended them from current as well as future attacks.

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