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February 19, 2010
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As a little child growing up I have experience my share of having a favorite hero. Many people may have a hero that has super vision or super powers but my hero is just super and he is super because he is my dad. As I’ve grown older I have come to the knowledge that a hero doesn’t have to be a singer, of a famous person, on a person with powers that why I call my dad my number on hero. The reason why my dad is my hero is because first, in everything good thing that I want to do he’s always behind me every step of the way finally this is the thing that sticks out to me about my hero is that he make sure that I am well taken care of. My dad is just so awesome and he is better than any hero that I have had before.

All through my life I can not remember once in my life that my dad didn’t support me other than if I was doing things I shouldn’t do beside that he has never left me along. He is a humble man if I tell him that I want to try out for different activities he always tell me that he’s behind me every step of the way. My hero makes sure that I succeed in school and make sure that my grades a good to. Even though my dad may not have any super powers I have always know that he is a strong and mighty guy and he very kind.

My dad takes good care of me and that’s what I think a hero is. He makes sure that I have everything that I need be successful in school. Not only is he my dad and my hero but he is my best friend and my mentor. I take notes on how he holds the family together in love and unity and how he treats other. My hero has always taught me one important thing and that is to always have respect for adults and yourself because I represent him and our family. I can never say that I had to every worry about what I was going to wear because my hero always provides clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, a good meal everyday, and a good shelter for me to lay my head at night. My hero means the world to me and I can never repay him for all his good deeds that he has done for me in my life.

Finally, my American hero is number one just because he is my dad. My dad is my hero because he cares about me and he supports me in every good thing that I want to do. I can not remember as a little child a hero of mine that is as strong and humble as my dad. My dad is just the best hero that any child could even ask for. I look up to my hero I realize that one dad when I get older I want to be just like him or even better so that my kid may call me there hero. This is why my dad is my number one hero.

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X0RoKoX0 said...
Mar. 11, 2010 at 4:29 pm
Do I know you?.. Is this micah my sister?
I love it!
micah replied...
Mar. 11, 2010 at 5:51 pm
no im a male and thanks so much god bless you
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