Mother: Estela Q. MAG

By Natalie Quinonez, Phoenix, AZ

My hero is my mom, Estela. Many mothers might be heroes, and each is one of a kind, but mine is definitely unique.

As a child my mother encountered many hardships. She was faced with a war in her country, El Salvador. She watched her friends get murdered and had to grow up without a mother. My mom had six siblings to watch over, so she started working at 14. Things worsened and she was forced to flee, leaving behind five siblings and the love of her life, Manuel.

My mom came to the United States at age 18 with one of her brothers, Juan. Once here, she had no choice but to work, though she was sad about leaving her siblings and love behind. Slowly she and my grandmother raised enough money to bring her brothers and sisters here.

At first they lived in horrible conditions. She shared a one-bedroom home in California with 12 family members. My mom was determined to get out of that situation, so she went to school and began learning English. She met my dad, Armando, and had my brother and me.

Now, she works endlessly to give us a good life and is always there for us. She is not only there for me and my brother but others also. When my cousins need someone to talk to, my mom is there for them.

She has taught me about respect, love, and generosity. She has also shown me how to put others before myself. She never gave up, even when the going was really tough. She has made many sacrifices for us and for herself as well. She is a wonderful role model and a benevolent woman whom I have always admired. She is my hero. I am grateful to call her my mother, and I could not ask for a better mom.

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