a true reflection

February 8, 2010
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A True Reflection
You may see it as just another trophy case but to me it is the inspirations that push me to my dreams and makes me become the person to succeed and learn in life. His career may be over but his legacy keeps moving on.
The crowed narrow halls shuffle from left to right almost as a single organism we step in unison
“Left, right, left, right.”
My little sister, gleams with her toothy smile and long red hair, we watch as the colorful flags pass with every step we take.
“Japan, Russia, China!”
I yell in my thoughts as my sister counts aloud “one, two three, four, five, six,” she did not know it then but we are about to meet the men that had been the gold medalist for the Men’s World Wrestling Olympics. Lights flicker as the door opens when a gust of wind comes in along with each passing men’s glowing face. The room settled as the introduction began
“This is it the reason why they trained so hard, pushed them selves and didn’t give up making it to the record books.”
Lights dimmed as everyone held their breathe watching listening to each player give their speeches, mumbles are herd amongst the crowd as they get restless. Snap! Snap! One after the other flashes go off like a symphony. A quick glance of nervousness arouses through each players head as they sit silently waiting for their spot light. Through the projector light, you can see the dust collect particles. My sister sleeps in silence as my grandfather pats her head
“Like a sleeping angel”
He says. I see his crinkled old skin rub back and fourth along her back. Calming his nerves he gradually walks over to the rest of the players and takes his seat five more players until Larry Kristoff gives his speech.
The crowd’s attention and eyes turn towards the young wrestlers that went first. Speech after speech the crowd began to sink back in their chairs. Having to sit patiently for 3 hours is not easy. Leaning back I began to stretch. My sister did the same, but papers flew out of hands babies began to cry and my sister fell to the ground people rushed to help her up. Not knowing what was going on my grandpa leaped off stage taking her in his arms and started to sing her favorite lullaby all before she shed even one tear. Everyone stands cheers and claps as he walks back to the stage.
His palms sweating from the grasp he had on his papers. Looking nervous and still strong, he begins to speak. As he opens his mouth, a small breath of air escapes from his body. An over all chilled wind whips around the room. The light from the project beat on his red face making him more nervous. Like a true professional, he stands there tough and kind. A proud look brushes across his face with strength and determination in his eyes he says this closing statement.
“I am thankful to have my family here to support me and my team members here to remember me; I hope to inspire at least one person to live their dreams because there is nothing more heart touching than to see my granddaughters face as she says grandpa you’re my hero. Thank you.”
With that closing statement, the crowd rose as if on fire and gave a memorable moment for my grandfather.
The shimmering glow bounces from wall to wall as the light gleamed a crossed the refection of the glass casing. Seeing the cold sweat evaporate from my grandpa’s neck his nerves soon calmed and an overall satisfaction appeared upon his smiling face. Breathing deeply with a single step forward and his hand pressed against the glass he spoke
“This is the proudest moment of my life, a true reflection of what my young life was about.”
You may see it as just another trophy case but, down the narrow halls, across the cold old floors, and along the old creaking steps you shall find what inspires me the most the plaque and case of Larry Dean Kristoff’s rise to fame.
He inspires many to succeed, and takes charge along with being born to be a leader. From his golden years of high school to the many inspiring years of coaching at SIU Mr. Larry Kristoff still holds his title as the gold medalist for the Olympics. He is a great man a beloved husband, and a loving father and grandfather. His career may be over but his legacy keeps moving on.

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