The Joker's Not So Bad

January 20, 2010
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I immediately identified with the Joker from the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight”. For clarification, it obviously wasn’t his guiltlessness ability to murder or wreak havoc which I was attracted to. In fact, I was disgusted by his horrifying actions. The character did have a passion and skill with which he performed. His goal was to destroy Batman, and he never strayed from this goal. No distraction or dent in his plan could stop his insatiable desire for Batman’s destruction. His inner motivation drove his persistency. If his energy had been devoted to noble causes, it would have been inspirational. Instead he wanted to throw the city into a panic, and he did. He was able to creatively kill certain officials to remove order in the city. He used fear as a leadership tool, and had henchmen help him rob a bank, crash a party, and terrorize a city parade. He was methodical, foreseeing, meticulous, and quick-witted. Although these words have negative connotations to them, they represent skills with the abilities to progress towards a goal. The movie portrayed an intertwining of his passion and skill in such a way where I could recognize the power in his character. Just as Hitler displayed textbook-defining leadership, the Joker displayed how I would like to approach goals in life; with fiery passion and razor-sharp skills.

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