A Real Hero To Me

January 20, 2010
By b3kahb00 SILVER, South Haven, Michigan
b3kahb00 SILVER, South Haven, Michigan
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If you were to ask most people what the word hero meant to them, they might answer, “Someone who helped you,” or, “A good role model.” But for me it means so much more. For me a hero means someone who helps everyone; not just one person, but many. My aunt Deb is my hero because she is willing to sacrifice herself for other people.

My Aunt Deb is physically disabled. She usually goes to the emergency room several times in one week. But my Aunt Deb will always come to the rescue if you need her help. She always gives up what she has for others.

My aunt loves to help people. She is always running errands for people who don’t even say thank you. But she still helps, even though they take her for granted. Deb is my hero because she is loving, caring, and kind. She will drop everything to help me. I like going to her house to just sit with her. We don’t even have to talk. I suppose that all I need to be happy is her presence.

I will always remember the day that I went to her house. Once I got there, we sat together and watched “Charmed”, her favorite TV show. Then all of a sudden my Aunt Deb hugged me. I was shocked for
a moment. Then I said to her, “Deb, is something wrong?” I was worried that she was in pain, but Deb just replied, “Nothing’s wrong. I just wanted you to know how much I love you.”

That day is frozen into my heart and brain forever. My aunt and I will always care for each other. We will always “hang out”. Even when she is gone, I will still remember her laugh, her crazy hair, and her crooked glasses. My Aunt Deb is a real hero and friend to me.

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