My Hero

January 20, 2010
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My Hero

For the past couple of years, I’ve been going to the best summer camp, Camp M, which is a Christian camp in Hastings, Michigan. I never had the pleasure of meeting the founders of the camp, who are no doubt remarkable people, but I have met one of the most inspirational people there. Her name is Debbi Rookus, and she’s my Michigan hero.

The first time I saw Debbie was three years ago, when I walked into the rec center/cafeteria where registration was going on. She was walking around making sure everything was going perfectly and that everyone was smiling and having a good time. I’m not positive what her official title is at camp, but to me she’s the head counselor.

Ms. Debbi is important to me because she helps spread the word about God in a fun way to teenagers and kids. Every year on Thursday, we have something called Missionary Night, where the director, Steve, introduces a counselor or a camper who has decided to be a missionary. This year, however, Debbi did Missionary Night. This year, she told us, we the camp, were the missionaries.
Hearing that made me start to think. Debbi had a poster board that read something like, “I Pledge to Live a Life of God.” She said anyone who wanted to pledge could come up and sign their name. Everyone was silent and still at first. Then, one by one, most of the older kids stood up and formed into a line to sign the board. My name is on it.

Debbi has been helping at Camp M all three years I’ve gone. I know she has emotionally touched a lot of teenagers and kids there. Debbi’s happiness and love for God makes you smile every time you see her. How she gives away her summer for a job at a summer camp, is amazing. I know us campers aren’t always the happiest campers, or the nicest morning people, but she never complains. It would take a lot for me not to complain. I admire how mature she can be while still being wild and fun!
Next summer, when I venture to camp again, I hope to see her there. She has a way to make your day, or for campers, your week. Debbi is everything a young girl should want to be when she grows up. I’d like to be like her. Debbi’s everything fit into one person to me. She’s my hero, my role model, and my friend.

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PaulieV said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 10:48 am
very very well done :)
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