January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Elizabeth Schwart, a social worker at Roger’s, dedicates her life to those who feel

ineffectual. She healed my many maladies even when I loathed her help. When I

was upset, she knew right away. Elizabeth was astute and could figure out a way to

cheer me up no matter what the situation was. If I was mad at my mom or just got a

horrible test grade, she knew and helped me through it.

Every day we talked about what was going on in my life. She scrutinized

what I told her very closely. Without fail Elizabeth always had solutions to my problems,

or praise to my accomplishments.

She showed me that life is worthwhile even when I thought it was nefarious.

Elizabeth made you feel special and not as if you were a waste of space. You could tell

her anything and you knew she wouldn’t tell a soul.

Before I knew her I did not want or know how to trust others. She taught me how

to trust in people and how to let them help you.

Elizabeth is amicable and I strive to be that way. In essence, Elizabeth made me

who I am today.

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