Pearly Whites

December 17, 2009
By , Carmel, IN
Many people think that heroes have super powers, can fly, and save ordinary people from harm; however, heroes are just ordinary people. They surround us everywhere in society. You don’t have to do something astonishing in life to be titled a hero. To be a hero acquires courage, perseverance, and devotion. A hero is someone that is looked up to. Mike Schroeder is a hero, and he is someone that I look up to. Mike has been a great role model, hardworking student, successful dentist, and above all a loving older brother.

Mike is my older brother, and I have looked up to him my whole life. He is an outstanding role model especially for young adults going through the stress of high school, college, and choosing a career path. Mike was an only child until he got three siblings all at once when he was in the middle of his high school years. His schooling began at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel from preschool up until eighth grade. Westfield High School was the next stop in schooling for Mike. Indiana University was the college of Mike’s choice. After all, they have an outstanding dental school. Close family relations have been one of the biggest interests in his life.

Mike is 29 years old, active, and, on top of everything else, intelligent. Around 6’1”, he is a decent height, and he is fit overall. The spikes near the front of his hair stand up in a stylish way, and it is dark and stick straight. Dark, thick, and long eyelashes are every woman’s wish, but Mike has absolutely amazing eyelashes. They make his dark brown eyes pop. His complexion is fair, but during the summer his skin tans and has a perfect sun-kissed glow.

Mike is completely filled with perseverance. Often times, struggles in our lives force us to want ourselves to quit. Quitting is obviously the easiest way out; however, it’s extremely important to go the more difficult route. Choosing to improve and put in more time is exactly what my brother did. Chemistry was the subject that he struggled the most with in high school. The relationship between him and chemistry was like the relationship of a cat and a dog. Bonus period was his saving grace in high school. Going from the bottom of chemistry class to the top in just a couple of weeks is an outstanding accomplishment. “Do your best and forget the rest.” Mike remembers a great amount of his teachers, so he believes he owes a great deal of who he is today to them. They helped make the decision of what the best classes to take for his career option was, and they were always there to help when he needed it.

Dentistry is Mike’s passion in life. As mentioned before, Indiana University was the college of his choice. Occupations can be a very tricky subject for people of all ages. It’s a tremendously important decision that will probably be with you for a long period of time. Many people struggle with this decision, but Mike knew that he wanted to be a dentist from the time he entered high school. Science classes dominated Mike’s schedule. Some of them were physics, biology, and chemistry. Honors English was also one of his classes. Now, Mike has his own practice located in Geist, Indiana. It’s such a great feeling to see someone you love succeed in life after going through so much to get to their goal. His view on dentistry,” I enjoy being able to positively shape patients experiences. I especially take great pride in changing and molding their experiences. The experiences of those patients who have had unpleasant experiences, and who are scared about having dental work done is a great challenge. It’s very fulfilling to see the smile on those patients faces when leaving their dental appointment.”

Every hero must contain courage. Having the strength to try something that sounds tough takes courage and that is why Mike is a hero. If courage wasn’t a component in Mike’s life; he wouldn’t be where he is today. In order to have success, you have to be willing to take that extra step. Don’t be afraid to try or do something new or out of the ordinary. Mike tried to never let any person or problem take control of his life. He stood up to the problem; therefore, he didn’t let anything stand in his way. “It’s very important in life to reflect on the events once you not only reflect on the positive outcome but also those aspects that didn’t go so well. This is important so one may constantly improve in life.”

Odysseus and my brother have one similarity that really stands out. They both strive for the best in life; they want to conquer everything in front of them and do their best at everything. They try to do what’s best for everyone else, but they also have the tendency to watch out for themselves at times too. Odysseus’ main example that relates is when his men and he passed Skylla, a six-headed beast. He knew what was at stake, six of his men’s lives. He had to make the decision that was best in the overall view for everyone, so he passed the monster and let six of his men go. This, however, was a very smart decision. Odysseus and Mike both look for a great challenge. Mike strives to provide excellence for his patients. He wants to do his absolute best so that they have an exceptional experience at the dentist. Keeping his practice successful is possibly one of his greatest challenges.

My older brother is a wonderful role model. He has helped to plan out my future plans as of now. Any questions or concerns of mine can go straight to him. Having an older brother is great; he has been through everything that normal high school students are going through and what our future brings. It’s great to know that someone so close is willing to help every second of every day.

Heroes are normal people. Heroes are everywhere in our lives. We all make mistakes and we all learn from our mistakes. Every person in the world has made mistakes and bad decisions, meaning no one is perfect. A hero doesn’t have to be! “Don’t be afraid to try new things. Everyone has to be pushed a little in life to get to their goal. Remember, all is possible with an open mind and an open heart.” Heroes learn from their mistakes, and they improve their actions the next time. That is what makes them heroes. My hero is Mike Schroeder.

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