December 17, 2009
By Austinbot101 BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
Austinbot101 BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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1969, November 13, was when it took place. In Batesville Indiana my dad was born. Growing up, he was the youngest of five; consequently, his father wasn’t too involved in his sports or with his school. Now at 40 years old, my dad has been involved with lots of my school and sporting activities and helped me out overall. My dad is my hero for setting such a good example for me and for being there to talk to just about all the time.

As a child, being the youngest of five with three older brothers, most of my dad’s clothes and things were passed down. He didn’t always get what he wanted either but he rarely complained and he doesn’t too often still. Many find this is an important attribute to posses in any challenging situation you come across. From first through eighth grade my dad went to a Catholic school, I think this was an important base for his religion because he now has helped me be a better Christian, which is what my family is now.

Throughout grade school, my dad also participated in many sports. Those of which included; basketball, baseball, soccer, and cross country. His main sports he played were soccer and XC in eighth grade. He is once again my hero because he got me started with so many sports and helped coach and supports me throughout them. As he got older and moved on to high school, he dropped all of his sports and got new hobbies.

First of all, he started working for money and his jobs started out as mowing lawns till he was sixteen. Once he was old enough, he worked at Dairy Queen till he was twenty. But back to high school, his new favorite pass times included him spending time on his Commodore 64 and playing the drums for his new band, Electric Gypsy. I’m glad he spent time in a band like he did so he understands music to help me if I need it with my guitar. Another reason I look up to him and consider him my hero is that he can play just about any instrument as long as he has time to play around with it, which I think is amazing. I’m glad my dad got involved with music at such a young age because if it weren’t for that I don’t think I would play any instruments or listen to the good music that I do.

After graduating high school in 1988, my dad then went to Ball State for a degree in marketing. Once done graduating college, my dad gave up his band and went on to work at Golden Rule selling insurance (which is now United Healthcare). His original job was marketing insurance and going to appointments to sell it and over his time there he has worked his way up to his current position. He now runs a department and has people who go to appointments like he once did. He also makes and presents seminars and webinars to spread the word about the insurance he sells. I think this is inspirational because it shows how far you can come if you set your mind to do something and work hard at it. I doubt seven years ago he would’ve believed how far he has come and I bet he can make it even further.

All my life I have had dreams; dreams to be a fireman or policeman, to play pro sports, and now to become an animator at a major company. My dad has just about always supported me behind the decisions I make. I doubt most parents would be ok with their children pursuing such an artistic career that may not make a whole lot of money, or do what they did. My dad is always there for me supporting me and I hope he always will. This is why he is my hero.

The author's comments:
I chose my dad as my hero for an English essay because of the impact he's made on my life to make me who i am

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