My Hero That Inspired Me

December 15, 2009
By Nella BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Nella BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"never give up even though it is hard in life."

Many times of my life I been have risen by woman that taught me to be a young lady. The woman who has inspired me is my sister. My sister inspired me because she would always tell me to “never give up in even though it is hard in life time.” My sister would be there for me when I needed to talk about anything. She wouldn’t even get mad or angry like my mother would. My sister will tell me what to do about the situation that I am going through she is like a mother, and a big sister to me. She buys me clothes, shoes, or gives me money. She’s a hero to me just because she is there throughout my life even when I am down. If it wasn’t for my sister I wouldn’t have a job, I would just be looking for a job somewhere else. But it is great that my sister hired me to work at McDonald’s with her. The reason why she hired me was because she didn’t want to see me in the house. I would just sit in the living room and do nothing, or in my bedroom listening to some music. I am going to bean adult and I needed to start acting like it by first getting a job, so that I can have a way to work. Many people should have a hero or someone who they look up to. I realized that my sister was a hero to me and not my grandmother, nor my mother because she did a lot of things that I didn’t know about and she told me about how she is an hero to me. But really my sister is the one who made me a better person now. Many young girls should always have a hero just someone that is their role model. A hero to me is when someone that did something unbelievable or it can be a person that saves his or her life also a hero can be someone who is strong, short, tall, cute, or ugly but everybody can be a hero in their own ways. Mostly I think that a hero is just any one that made a big impact on someone’s life. That a person could be anyone of any age, ethnicity and gender. This is the one who change my life over some years.

The author's comments:
It has alot of good pieces in there and i can feel the flow of it when i read it.

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