mi abuela, un heroe que es

November 12, 2009
Mi abuela, UN heroe que es…

My grandma, a hero she is to me. She is my hero to me because of what she has done for me all the years I have been alive. Whenever I have been down, she brought me back up. On May 25th, 2009, my grandma was sent to the hospital for breathing problems. The day I heard she was in the hospital, I just busted into tears hoping that she would make it through the complications. When I was a year old, I was with her and that was the day that I learned how to walk and when I was going through that she helped me when I fell and got me back up to try again. Again, she was sent to the hospital when I was 6 and had to get a heart transplant to make her survive and not having my grandma for 5 months was really hard, and I prayed for her every night she was in the hospital.
Another reason for why grandma is my hero is because she as supported my parents when my parents were in bad financial problems and she gave us some money to help pay that rent and I think that some grandparents wouldn’t do that for just anyone, they have to love them enough to do such a thing as that. Also when my grandma was In the hospital this year, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and flu and the exact same time. My family was like ‘how the hell’ is that even possible and its where she had the flu symptoms and pneumonia and It hit her even worse.
Mi abuela, every year she toke me school clothes shopping because my mom was on medical leave and wasn’t getting paid for it and it was a really stressful time and not being able to pay the bills, so my house was put in foreclosure and that almost put us homeless. Again, my grandma let us live with her until my mom was off and getting money again. Even my mom and dad had to work early in the morning and had no time to take me to school and there was my grandma, yet again to take me to school since there wasn’t a bus to come get me, we lived to far from the school. Even though my grandma had a bad car and had so many problems with it, it kept breaking down and I kept being late for school, then she came to the school to sign me up for something where I’m able to be late for school since her car broke down a lot. The school accepted it and I was never late for school again.

When I got bike for Christmas on year 98’, my dad and my grandma toke me to Kent ridge High School, they both taught me how to ride my bike. On that day, I was really mad because I wanted to learn on my own and they wouldn’t let me, so they blind folded me and took me to the high school and I started getting mad. But, my grandma took to the side and tried to calm me down by bribing me with a king size Hershey bar and got my to learn how to learn to ride my bike and I got my Hershey bar. MI ABUELA, UN HEROE QUE ES.

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