Hero Forever

December 22, 2009
By Anonymous

She is my hero. She’s the kind of person who shows unconditional love. She is the person I know I can go to for everything. She is the smartest person I know. She is my mother.
I haven’t always adored my mom like I do now. When I was little kid I would always get in trouble and my mom would always be the one to discipline me. She would put me in time out and spank me. At that time I just thought she was out to get me. I would always wonder why she cared if I snuck a cookie or lied about practicing piano. As I got older my perception of my mother started to change though. I started to see how she loved me and that was the reason for discipline.
When I was in eighth grade my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. It was so serial to me. I always thought, “This really cannot be real…” Although this was really hard for me and my family it made us grow together so much. This event also helped me to start growing up. I finally started seeing how much my mom does for me.

When my mother was in and out of the hospital it was really hard. My sister and I had to start cooking and cleaning. We had to start preparing meals for my dad, so that when he got home from a 14 hour day of work he would be able to eat something. I started having to do laundry and cleaning the showers. Even though my dad, my sister, and I were at home, the house still felt so lonely and empty. One time I cried because I realized how much I took my mom for granted.
The first time I saw my mom in the hospital I completely broke down. She was hooked up to all cords and wires. She was lying down on the bed and her eyes were basically closed and she couldn’t make out full sentences to me. She was so out of it that it scared me. I was so shocked to see my mom like that I started to cry. I had never seen my mom in a vulnerable position. She had always been the stronghold in my family. Seeing my mother so weak made me feel as though I was dead. This is the moment I realized that I needed to grow up and appreciate my mom.
During recovery for my mother we always hung out. We talked about everything; I finally started to understand her perspective. As I started to understand my mom as a person we started to get along so well. Now we can talk to each other about anything. My mom is the best person to talk to because she understands me and she is not scared to tell me when I’m wrong.
I started to see how hard my mom worked for me. She even worked right after she recovered so my family could have insurance. I saw how tired she was daily to work for my family. She would come home and cook dinner and clean everything up. I started helping her with chores around the house so she wouldn’t kill herself working.

My mother is the most significant person in my life. She knows more about me than anyone in the world, and she still loves me. She doesn’t focus on her pain, but hopes in my growth. My mother is the only person who knows me better than myself.

The author's comments:
My mother inspired me.

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