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December 22, 2009
By Tawnie Crum BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
Tawnie Crum BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
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My hero is my stepdad. His name is Robert Wayne the third. He was born December 22 of 1972. He is now 36 going on 37. He was working when he could. Then he found out his rotter plate is gone. Then he stopped working. Then he started working so we could he is the best step dad in the world. Then he got a job. Have some extra money to do stuff. Then when he was done he took us to the mall to get us some things we wanted. Then he took us to get ice cream. We went home and played games on his play station three. It was the best day I ever had. The next day we went out and fixed the muffler on our jeep Cherokee. Then we went to the mall in Erie. He went even though he sprained his ankle. As much as it hart we sead that we could go up another time. Then he sead that he promised he would take us up. So we went on walking. Then he wanted to stay till the mall closed. Then we did. He made us happy. Then as we went home he made my mom stop at an ice cream shop. He got us all ice cream they were all hot fudge Sundays with extra fudge. It was the best. We all had fun. I never wanted the day to end. Well it finely ended. We had so much fun that I could not get to sleep that night. The next Day was not the same. We still did stuff together, but it was not the same. He loves to clean house. He gets into his moods now and then. He will help me when I need it.

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