An Everyday Hero

December 14, 2009
Wendell saves lives every day. He works as a firefighter at a local fire department and has been caring and nice his whole life. His parents raised him well, showering him with love and affection. He wanted to be a firefighter since he was five years old. When he was younger, he would always pretend he was saving lives and riding in the big red fire trucks. Wendell is my cousin and I am very glad to have him in my life. He has a great sense of humor and cares immensely for others. Wendell is a hero because he saves lives every day.
From when he was five years old, Wendell always wanted to be a firefighter. He loved the thought of saving lives and fighting fires. When he was 18, he joined a volunteer fire department. He went into a medical field and worked at a hospital and then he switched over to a fire department. His specialties are as a Paramedic and HazMat (Hazardous Materials). Many people don’t have the courage and strength it takes to be a firefighter. They go into a fire not knowing if they are going to make it out; however, they stay hopeful and push through it like Odysseus had to do to make it home.
Fighting fires isn’t all a firefighter does. They also help people that have fallen in their homes and can’t get up. Many of those people would have died if it weren’t for helpful firefighters like Wendell. Wendell’s job is very important because he has saved so many lives and intercepted many deaths.
Life as a firefighter can be very dangerous; however, it can also be very exciting and rewarding. “The most exciting thing I’ve done as a firefighter was delivering a baby. It was so rewarding.” Wendell enjoys his job as a firefighter very much; otherwise, he would never have become one. He feels good helping others. “My favorite part about being a firefighter would be the camaraderie.” Everyone at the station works together as a team. It’s like one big happy family, just like Odysseus and his crewmates. If Odysseus didn’t get along with his crewmates, his journey home would have been much more difficult or maybe even impossible.
Many people see firefighters as heroes for their many heroic qualities. Wendell says, “I do not feel like I am a hero.” He says this because he has had training and equipment and he is prepared to go save someone. He says a hero would be some random person driving down the road who stops to pull someone else out of their burning car, someone with no equipment or training. Wendell is a hero to me and he always will be.

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