Much More Than a Cape

December 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Many people consider a hero someone who flies around with a cape or has super strength. But by definition, a hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability. Not many have the ability to be considered a hero, but my mother is one. My mom grew up on a farm, and her whole childhood she had to work hard to get what her family needed. Now today she works at a school and is considered a hero to many. My mother’s care, strength, and hard work have carried her through life, making her a hero in many eyes.

My mother, Janet, stands at 5’ 5”. She may be short, but she is one tough woman. She has blonde hair and blue eyes that make you stop in your tracks. She may not be built like a warrior, but she has many of the same characteristics.

Some people in the world are very caring, while others only care about themselves. My mother is one of those amazing people that care about others, especially her family. When one of her children was born with Club Foot, she took her time every week, and peeled off their casts. Sometimes her hands would bleed, but her child was worth it to her. She would always say “Child, I have gone through so much with you.” This statement was very true. Just like Odysseus, her family means the world to her. She cares for everyone, and she would do anything to help people.

According to her son, “She is one tough cookie.” Her childhood proves that this is very true. As a kid, her life was based around farming and she was constantly working around the farm trying to help her family. Once when she was in the 7th grade, she walked ½ mile through a forest in the rain, just so that she could close the gate to their turkeys. If the gate was left open, foxes would eat them, so she went out in the storm, which was very dangerous. Just like Odysseus, she’s tough and strong, and her childhood made her this way.

My mother isn’t just a hero because of her strength, she is also very hardworking. She works with children who need help in out and of the classroom. Some of the children she works with are very difficult. One time, a child got mad and started to runaway. She had to chase him so that he wouldn’t run out of the school. When asked why she continues to do this job, she replied “I like seeing children learn and accomplish things that they had troubles with before I helped them.” She works hard with these children to help them accomplish things, which is very heroic to them, and many look up to her.

My mom has spent her life working and caring for others; therefore, she is now a hero in so many eyes. From working on the farm to being successful with children, my mom has spent her time building up to be a hero. She doesn't wear a cape and she doesn't have super strength, is but is she considered a hero?

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