December 14, 2009
By James Mitchell BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
James Mitchell BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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There is a guy who lives in the state of South Carolina. He is a police officer. He is a very caring man. He loves to help others in situations that they can't get out of by themselves. He is a strong man, like Odysseus. All of these reasons influenced his decision to become a cop. Although he is now a crime scene investigator, his story began in the blue-white cruiser.

His name is Brad L.. He didn't think about being a cop until the age of 17. The idea that he could make someone else's life better everyday was what drew him towards it. That young 17-year-old knew that this was the best way to accomplish this goal. He became a police trainee out of high school. He started in training (learning to properly fire a weapon, list of criminal rights, training with K-9, etc.) and finally became a cop. He got into his police cruiser and was ready to go save the world.

He was frequently placing people under arrest and putting them in jail. Most of the time, he was stopping people for traffic violations. If it wasn't for running a red light, it for speeding. It if wasn't for speeding, it was for a rolling stop, and the list goes on. And then there were the suspicious behavior. He would stop someone if they were driving around behind a building with no lights on. If a car was idling in the middle of nowhere, and everything was dark inside, then he would pull over. He also pulled over a lot of stolen vehicles. He encountered a stolen vehicle about once a week. The perpetrator's most common excuse for having the vehicle in their possession was that they didn't know that it was stolen. Yah right! When he would see someone swerving from side to side, he would pull them over. In this case, he would usually make an arrest. After an arrest like that, he would bring them to jail, sign them in, and then lock them up. Luckily, this hero never had to fill out a lot of paperwork. But he wouldn't have minded if he had had to as long as he could help other people.

But everyone needs a break. Even the great hero Odysseus needed a rest periodically. Brad usually had two days per week to rest up and relax. But he was always ready to go back to making our lives better, or at least, the lives of South Carolinians better. Once, he got a call about domestic abuse where the husband was very severe and the wife had no way of getting away from him. One day a neighbor called the cops and Brad was sent to investigate. It turns out that the husband was very abusive. Brad had a buddy take the husband to jail while they had the wife fill out a restraining order. He felt great having taken the wife out of that hostile situation and giving her piece of mind knowing she is secure. Another time, he pulled a guy over who was suspicious of having a stolen car. The guy knew why he was pulled over, so he proceeded to get out and run. Brad chased him around a laundry mat. When he ran around the corner, he found the guy lying in a creek. He handcuffed him and brought him back to jail. Apparently, the man hadn't been in that area before and didn't know that there was a creek behind that laundry mat. He had ran right into it and had fallen face first. As Brad would say, "I owned yah!"

The author's comments:
I want people to understand that cops are important to your safety and mine also!

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