My Mom, The Incredible Hulk

December 13, 2009
By Anonymous

When the thought of a hero comes to mind, many people think of Batman, Superman, or the Incredible Hulk. The truth is, for someone to be a hero, they don’t necessarily have to be wearing a cape. My mom is my hero, and not a day in my life has she worn a cape. I consider my mom my hero because from the day she entered this world, she has been through more than most people can imagine. My mom has worked hard ever since she started school and that is something I really admire about her. As a child, things weren’t perfect, but she is an amazing mother and tries to make things better for me than she had as a child. Now, because of medical reasons, she is unable to work, but she finds other ways to provide for my father and me. Even though she was never in the military, never won a game show, and never made it to the big leagues, she is my hero because of her amazing qualities and for all of the things she has done for my family.

My mother, stands at five feet six inches tall with baby blue eyes and short, milk chocolate, curly brown hair. She was one of four children growing up. Her childhood was much different than the norm back then. “It’s sort of split in half; before my parents were divorced, and after. We had as many as seven people living in a very small, three-bedroom house with one bathroom. Things were very close.” Before her parents were divorced, things to her seemed very normal. Once my grandmother and grandfather got divorced though, it made things for my mother very difficult. Nothing was happy anymore except for Silky. Silky was their part black lab, part German Shepherd dog who was “the biggest baby”. Thinking about the life I live today, and what my mom’s life was like, I realize how difficult things were for her. They didn’t have money to simply go out and buy new clothes like we do today. She had to work and earn that money, but usually, she wore her brother’s hand-me-downs. One thing I really admire about my mother is the fact that she was able to grow up and make good for herself, despite the fact she didn’t have many things great growing up. She always believed Christ would help her get through whatever it was, and never once doubted him.

When the time came to apply for college, my mom applied to four. She was accepted to Northwestern University, Indiana University, and IUPUI. More than anything she wanted to attend Northwestern, but ended up attending IUPUI. Unlike most students at that time, my mom worked full time and went to school part time. She had no other option but to in order to pay for college and her living expenses. I find it hard enough now to manage high school work and basketball, let alone working full time and attending college. Three years later, when I was about two, my mom started law school. Once again, she worked during the day and went to classes in the evenings and on weekends. Now, on top of work and school, she had a husband and a toddler to support, watch after, and spend time with. I am truly mind blown by the way my mom was able to manage all of those things. “Paige was a pretty easy child to raise; she was smart, inquisitive, could entertain herself, and didn’t require constant attention. One thing I do wish I could change would be me getting to spend more time with her during her toddler years.” I was an easy child to raise; nonetheless, she still needed to find time for my father and for herself while working and completing school. For doing all of those things successfully at once, I commend my mother.

About two years ago, my mother began to suffer from various medical problems. “The last two years have been two of the most challenging years of my life. My health has steadily deteriorated and I’ve had to give up doing so many things that I enjoy doing such as gardening, long walking, coaching basketball, and shooting baskets. It’s gotten so bad I’ve even had to give up working.” My mom has suffered from multiple medical and health issues in the past few years that it is now a struggle for her to walk through Target without being in pain. She finds it hard to keep her spirits up and to feel like she has any value at all, but when she feels like this, she turns to God. In her heart, she believes that God knows what he’s doing and that he will look after her and her family. Even though she can’t do a lot of the things she loves doing, she still can enjoy watching me play basketball, spending time with her family, reading the Bible, listening to music, and playing with our new kittens. My mom and Odysseus are very similar because they are both mentally and physically strong. Despite the fact my mom can’t do a lot of things she loves, she finds that inner strength to keep moving forward, and to find the positive in things. She is also very physically strong, because even when it hurts her legs so badly to go up and down the stairs, she’ll do just about whatever she can to make the most of each day.

My mom is a heroic person because of her character traits, not because of some heroic thing she did to save the day. She has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed her, and that is one of the most important things any daughter can ask for, and I love her for that. My mom doesn’t wear a green, Incredible Hulk suit everyday, but she amounts to more than any superhero ever could.

The author's comments:
When thinking about who to write about for this assignment, I immediately thought to write about my mom because of all she does for my family and what her childhood was like growing up.

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