Shining Star

December 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Most people wouldn’t consider their best friend to be their hero. But Tori F. is an exception. She deals with way more strife than any fourteen year old ever should. She the most selfless person I have ever met; however, she has been battling the deadliest genetic disease since she was two years old. It’s called CF, and it only affects 70,000 kids worldwide. Unfortunately, Tori is one of those people. Even though she struggles with this disease, no one could ever know it from the outside. Tori Fehr is a fun loving and talented fourteen year-old who battles her disease with heroic strength and courage. She just likes to “hang out with friends, go to movies, and you know, do normal people stuff.” Tori spends about a third of the school year home sick. But the days she is at school, she continues to amaze me. Tori has been blessed with so many talents, including a wonderful singing voice, and she uses them to their fullest extent.
She is a truly remarkable person. People don’t, and shouldn’t, treat her differently after finding out she has CF, she said it’s “because they realize how strong of a person I am. And, not to brag or anything, but people admire me.” I know I definitely admire this girl. She has helped me through so much; it’s hard to remember that she has her own problems she deals with everyday. She has been knocked down so many times, but no matter what, she always gets back up. Her faith in God has definitely helped her when times get rough. She is very faithful to God, she knows he will always be there. There is a verse in the Bible, Matthew 25:21 that states, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” God will be celebrating the day she joins Him in Heaven.
The hardest thing for her about having CF is, “Knowing my life was shortened, knowing I don’t have as long as everyone else.” Most people with CF are only expected to live to be 37 years old. That’s nearly half a lifetime of the average person. But she has dreams just as big as the rest of us. She hopes to “get married, have kids, and be a teacher.” Anyone who knows Tori knows she will achieve any and all goals she pursues. If anyone deserves to, it’s Tori.
It can’t be easy having a disease like this. She deals with this on a day to day basis on top of what we all deal with. Our struggles pale in comparison to hers. When she’s feeling down, she says she “thinks of all the positive things in my life, and how good my life is. And pursue the goals in life I want to achieve.” Tori, like Odysseus, will definitely achieve all of the goals she strives for. Odysseus is a hero that will be remembered forever, just as Tori will be.
Tori is my hero, and her mom is hers. She knows her mom is the “one who understands what I’m going through.” Mrs. F. has been with Tori every step of the way. Every ER scare, every time she’s gotten blood drawn, every time she hasn’t been able to get out of bed because her spots are so bad. Her mom will “always be there to help.” Tori unquestionably looks up to her mother. It means a lot to her that someone is always going to be there to help her get back up.
Tori is one of those people who always has the best advice. She always understands what you’re going through and she may not say what you want to hear, but you can always count on Tori to be honest. She never gets tired of complaining and whining about the trivial things other people experience. It’s incredible that she can be so understanding and down to earth when she deals with her own set of struggles every single day. Tori can change a bad day to a good one with a smile and a hello. There isn’t a day when Tori isn’t laughing or smiling. She is just a naturally happy, shining person.
Tori is the most determined person you will ever meet in your entire life. Odysseus was also very determined; he finally reached Ithaca after two decades. Tori will do all the things she wishes to do. She strives to be the best person she can be, and she has far exceeded that expectation. She is so strong. Having CF has only helped her grow. “It has helped me grow spiritually and physically. Knowing I have this is one of the hardest things I have to deal with and accepting the fact that I have CF has influenced my life.” There could be books written about this girl and it wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. She has accomplished so much in her fourteen years on this earth than many people don’t accomplish in a lifetime. She starred as Alice in Alice in Wonderland and did a phenomenal job. She absolutely blew the entire audience away with her stellar singing voice. Tori is the epitome of a shining star. The way she lights up a room with her presence is incredible. Her shiny light brown hair and stunning blue eyes attribute her inner beauty. You fall in love with her petite frame onstage. Her ability to command an audience will blow your mind. The talents God has blessed her with are astounding. She is forever grateful for all of the talents God has lavished on her. Tori can change your outlook on life with a smile and a laugh. She has this calming way about her, everything else seems so unimportant when you are around her.
Unsurprisingly, Tori has some big aspirations for her life. She wants “to be cured. And have everyone else be cured.” They are light years away from finding a cure, but Tori would be the one to find it. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no going back. It won’t be easy, but she will keep fighting until the end.
On the outside, no one could possibly tell what’s going on inside of Tori Fehr’s body. She carries herself with so much confidence and poise, she’s almost intimidating. But if you ever get the chance to talk to her, all these judgments melt away. Tori is the most selfless, brave, kind, caring, understanding person anyone could come across. She is touches lives daily without even knowing it. Although she will struggle sometimes, she always has people building her up. Her story will continue to be told for years to come.

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