True Heart of a Champion

December 7, 2009
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In the world of sports today what is it exactly that makes an athlete a true champion? Most fans would say it’s however a player performs throughout the course of the season or maybe the ability to carry the team on their back and persevere when times get tough. Specifically in the sport of college football many would describe a champion by how many games they have won, number of yards accounted for, Heisman awards won, and most importantly number of national championships.
In the past, college football has seen many great players including Herschel Walker, Archie Griffin, Dick Butkus, and Vince Young all who embodied the athleticism and will to win and perform at the next level that define a champion. College football is also about to say their farewells to another champion of the game, Tim Tebow. Tebow entered the University of Florida in 2006 with a hype about him that exceeded anyone in his high school senior recruiting class. Tebow played high school football at Nease High School where some of his highlights included Florida player of the year twice, a state championship, and statistics that’s were unmatchable ( 9,810 passing yards with 95 passing touchdowns and 3,186 rushing yards and 62 rushing touchdowns). ESPN also made a documentary about his high school achievements entitled “Tim Tebow: The Chosen One” as well as defining him as “College football’s future top mobile quarterback.”
Tim Tebow took on all his expectations with a head of steam and hasn’t slowed down one bit. With a record at Florida of 47-7 it is clear that his impact has been appreciated by the gator community. His statistics also match his hype ( 8,803 passing yards with 85 touchdowns and 2,896 rushing yards with 56 rushing touchdowns). He also one the Heisman trophy in 2007 and finally to end his decorated career at Florida he has been apart of two national championship teams. With stats like this it is hard for anyone to dispute he isn’t one of the best if not the best athlete college football has ever seen.
Tim Tebow also has something inside him that makes him stand out from the other previous champions of college football that I admire most about him. Tebow has the true definition of the “Heart of a Champion”. It’s not the awards he has won or his statistics he has wracked up that make me look up to him as a role model, it’s his unprecedented ability to lead and his unyielding faith in Jesus Christ. Tebow is well known for his missionary work in the Philippines, jails, or anywhere that he feels the Gospel will best be heard. He also is widely known for wearing Bible verses on his eye black during the football games. Some which include, “John 3:16”, “Mark 8:36”, and “Philippians 4:13”. I admire not only that he isn’t afraid to expresses his faith on a nationally level but also the fact that this form of missionary work proves to be successful because every day following the gators game Tebow’s Bible verse he wore for the game is the most searched item on Google. He is also an extremely emotional leader and although some harass him for crying I admire him once again that he doesn’t care what other people think because the only person he cares that judges him is God himself.
His faith in Christ has directly affected me in my relationship with Christ as well. Ever since he arrived at Florida and me being able to see him in action has strengthened my faith and led me to thank God more for everything I have. Whether it be at night before I go to bed or before the opening kickoff of my high school football game I always make room to take a knee and thank God for everything I have just like Tebow has done in hopes the someday I too can have the true “Heart of a Champion”.

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