My Mother, My Hero

December 7, 2009
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Mom was always there for me, always on my side. She could take all my sadness away, she always had the right thing to say. If there were anyone I would want by my side in any situation, it would be her. She would fight my every battle, fix any wound, whether it be physical or emotional. When I was first learning to ride my bike, she was there to pick me up of the ground, brush me off, and push me to try again. When I broke up with my first boyfriend, she was there all night as I cried and cried. She always knew how to make me laugh. She sends me jokes during the middle of my hard days and would always be there for me to listen as I complained and complained about my teachers, friends, or assignments. When I went into the hospital with meningitis, she sat there day and night. She didn't know how to make the excruciating pain go away, but she hold me throughout my stay. She was the best medicine.
Saying this, she wasn't scared to discipline. I would fear her when I knew I was caught in a lie or had done something against her wishes. She knew how to strike fear in the heart of a little 8-year-old who had eaten crackers before dinner with just a look. If I ever heard my middle name, I knew what was coming. Mom would control what I did because she knew what was best. She's always known what was best for me and she always holds my best interests close to heart. She'll never stray from the truth, telling me when something wasn't right.
Mom always pushed me to be my best. Pushing me through years of piano lessons, knowing I would end up thanking her. Convincing me to attend the what seemed like endless volleyball camps and practices and try-outs, knowing I would regret it later if I didn't. Pushing me to perform my best in school, knowing my future doesn't include a mediocre career with sub-level earnings. Pushing me to perform my music in church because she recognizes the truly God-given gift that I have the privilege to have. She'll never settle with anything that is any less that I am truly capable of.
Given these reasons, I'm the luckiest daughter. My mother is the strongest woman I know. She is gifted with true maternal instincts that anyone would be thankful to have. She is my rock, the only one I want by my side in any situation. I owe my whole life to her and I feel so grateful to have her by my side. I love here with all my heart and I'm glad to live my life to the best of my ability for her.

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