Reach for the Stars

December 5, 2009
My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Belensky, has helped shaped my personality. Ms. Belensky is a strict, hardworking woman that expects all of her students to try their hardest. For the first couple weeks of my fifth grade school year, I was scared of Ms. Belensky. She had the reputation of being really strict and kids said her hair turned purple when she was angry. I was terrified of her and dreaded the upcoming school year. The first few weeks our personalities clashed, but after several weeks of trying my hardest, I started to like her as a teacher. The rest of my fifth grade year flew by and I did not want to leave Ms. Belensky’s class in May. Next year, I went in every morning before school and helped her students and graded papers. She showed me what it was like to be a teacher because I was interested in being a teacher when I grew-up. Ms. Belensky encouraged me to strive for my personal best and helped to shape me as a person.

Ms. Belensky had a definite influence in my life. She taught me to try my hardest in everything I wanted to accomplish and to set goals for myself. My fifth grade teacher showed me that if you work hard in school, you will be successful in life and all you do. I learned to not be afraid of obstacles in life and to embrace the challenges I face. My fifth grade experience taught me to get to know a person before I believe rumors about them. Ms. Belensky has taught me numerous lessons and has helped me to be successful in life.

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