Extraordinary Mother

November 25, 2009
From falling as a little girl to not making the volleyball team as a freshman, my mother has been the person I look up to. Whenever I solicit advice about school, friends, and even boys, I go to her. After talking to her for hours, the problems become amicable.

As a registered nurse, I consider my mom an astute woman. She has raised four children, scrutinizing everything that we do. She advocates us to do well in school and to become the best person that we can. Sometimes we are vexatious children, making nefarious decisions, yet she is constantly loath to give up on us.

Being a senior is an exciting time of life, preparing you for the future lying ahead of you. My mom was there beside me while I submitted my college applications. She helped me find my Homecoming dress, and later took pictures of me wearing it. She bought me a Halloween costume in order to attend the parties with my friends. All throughout my life, she has made an effort to make events special for me. Although some of her advice has come across ineffectual during the process, she has always been a great mother.

On the contrast, staying home because of a malady is not fun. My senior year, I suffered with two stress fractures, one in each leg. As one of the runners on the Cross Country team, I had to be done for the season. I enjoyed this sport because I was able to hang out with my friends while still getting in shape. My mom helped me find new ways to stay in shape. She was very supportive and made sure that my legs would not become reinjured in the process.

My mother is not only my best friend, but she is my discipline. She has shaped me as a person and has made sure that I become a respectable woman. I strive to become the kind of mother that she is someday.

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