An Inspiration to All

November 22, 2009
By , Layton, UT
An Inspiration to All

“Life’s not fair,” as she always says. People tell her how they have too much to do and not enough time. They tell her that things aren’t fair and she doesn’t feel bad for them one bit. She has a lot of responsibility at her work, Golden West Credit Union; she manages certain departments, the Assistant Vice President of the whole organization, and is in charge of repossession. When at home, she helps her kids with pretty much anything they need and always tries to do what’s best for everyone. So no wonder she doesn’t throw a pity party for those who think their life is hard. If she weren’t alive, a lot of peoples’ lives would be so much different… and for the worse at that.
Working at a credit union has its ups and downs. One of the major downs is getting robbed. Laurie has survived and learned from two of these experiences. The first time she was just getting to work early, to get on top of a project she was worried about. She was on her way to the door when all of a sudden, BAM!
“Get the door opened and gimme all the money!” the robber said, thrusting the gun into her side. He didn’t seem like the bad guy type and definitely not one to be intimidating; the gun is what changed that perception. He was short with a dark complexion, a little on the scrawny side and wore dingy worn out clothes. He definitely was in need of some money.
“O-o-okay, a-anything you say,” She stuttered, trying to seem calm while keeping her mental breakdown inside.
Laurie went straight to the registers and gave him all the money.
“Is this all of it? And tell me the truth!” he demanded
“Y-yes, I’m sure of it.”
He didn’t say another word. He just grabbed his bag and scrammed.

Immediately after she knew it was safe she called the cops and had them come investigate. They didn’t end up finding the robber until a few years later. He definitely will be locked up for some time though. Now I don’t know how many people could have handled this situation as well as she did. It proves her bravery as well as her strength in herself. This story is inspiring to anyone who hears it.
About eight years ago, Geoffrey DeBry, Laurie’s former husband, had lost his job. Ever since then he hasn’t had a real job. She waited for years and years with empty promises. She kept hoping that he would follow through just once and find a decent job.
“I have a job interview this Tuesday,” he lied, “It’s at a very well-known stock market training place.”
“Well let me know how it goes!” Laurie said enthusiastically.
“Of course!” He always said it so convincingly, and Laurie always believed him.
Now whenever he said he was going to some training to help us make money, he was actually throwing away money left and right in the stock market. He had drained his Roth IRA account and all of his savings. Laurie finally got sick of this and eight years of putting up with it changed her mind. She slowly but surely fell out of love with Geoff. After they both went through several counselors and tried to save their marriage, it ended in divorce. The divorce actually helped more than anyone would ever know. It made it possible for Laurie to support herself and her kids in the life she wanted. It showed how if you’re unhappy you need to make a change in your life.

The hardest part of her life, and what she puts the most effort into, is being a mother. She is always there for her kids, no matter what it is. If they aren’t feeling well, she takes off work. If they lock their keys in their car, it’s Super Mom to the rescue; slam their finger in a door, she’s there to help them ease the pain. She’s got a knack for everything. One time I was just going about, what I thought would be, my regular day at school. Well, that particular day was college day. All of the colleges came and talked about scholarships, applications, and deadlines. It all went way over my head and I immediately became overwhelmed. My first reaction was to call my mom.
“Mom, please check me out and meet me at home! Today has stressed me out and I just need you to help me kinda figure things out,” I cried
Laurie hesitated, “Okay, what’s the problem?”
“Just please check me out; I’ll explain later.”
“I’ll call the office in a minute.”
My mom met me at home just when she said she would. She talked to me about the options for college and helped me to calm down. This is just one small example of the kind of service she, not only offers her kids, but to everyone. She shows people what service really is, and how to be sincere about it.
Laurie is a very significant person in my life because, she’s my mom! She is the best mom ever and really can teach anyone and everyone about happiness, bravery, and sincere service, just by her actions and the integrity she backs them up with. Anyone who gets the privilege to work with her, or even just be around her, is so very lucky; they can learn so many good characteristics, qualities, and ethics, just from her example.

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