My hero

November 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Many people count heroes as having super powers such as flying and invisibility. These are not some features that describe my mom yet I consider her as a hero. My mom is considered a hero because she is nice; my mom is also a hero because she is caring. My mom is also a hero because she would do anything for us, her children. If our lives were endangered she’d give up her own to save ours. My mom is also a hero because she makes delicious food.

I think the word “nice” is a word to describe a hero because it’s a big word. Nice doesn’t just mean doing favors it also describes a person. My mom is nice she would do anything for us. I know she deeply loves us even when she punishes us because she knows that this would help us later on an she only does it because she knows that it will teach us a lesson.

Also “caring” is a good word to describe a hero. I don’t think a person couldn’t be a hero if they aren’t caring. A caring person wouldn’t be selfish and would do anything to help the people they love they would even put there own lives at risk. Also I don’t think a mom could be a true hero without knowing how to make good food.

I think all these traits describe a true hero. As I said a person can’t be a hero unless there nice caring and can make good food.

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My hero

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