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November 17, 2009
By Beale BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Beale BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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I not only have on hero, but I also have two heroes. My hero’s in my life are my mom and dad. They are heroes to me because they go out of their way to find time to spend with me and also each other. They both are going through tough times, my mom is always at work, and is starting to travel for work now, and my dad is working later and is struggling to pay some thing. They are trying there hardest at what they do and I’m happy for them and hope they can just fight through this though struggle and have some fun to. Even though my dad is technically my step dad he is the only have I have ever had.
My dad treats me like I was his own son. The thing that makes him my hero is, he’s always there for me when I need him, and he never lets me down when he tells me he’s going to doing something. When it is just the two of us, we would usually go work out at the gym, or we would go to the school and do some running and playing catch with the football. We also love to hang out by doing our favorite things together such as, going dirt biking at our favorite place in Belfair. We usually go trail riding just for fun, but we also do some poker runs. Poker runs are just trail races and get some cards on the way, best hand wins and all the way down. We usually go as a family, or we also go with our friends as a big group. He’s having some trouble paying off some things, but is trying to find a way to do that and spend time with me. I could ask for any other women to be my mom.
My mom is one of my best friends. Since her cancer, and intestinal surgery, we have grown so much closer. She got the intestinal surgery about a month after the cancer surgery. We don’t know how she got her intestines messed up like she had them. She had two cysts, one on each side of her body. The doctors could do anything tell they were drained, so he went in there and started to drain them. She was there for about a week; the doctor came in earlier and said she might be able to go home today. Everyone was happy. In the afternoon the doctor came back in and said “you are going into Emergency surgery right know”. Everyone was freaking out because no one knew what was going on. She came back and we found out that she had about 6 inches of her intestines removed. She ended up staying for about another week. She had missed her brothers, my uncles wedding while she was in surgery and she was sad she missed it. When she had gone home, she was in more pain than the hysterectomy she had for the cancer surgery. I and my mom were scared for both of them. We tried not to show our weakness, and just show braveness throughout this thing. These surgeries brought us so much closer together, because we were always there for each other when we needed the other person there. We set a goal that we were never going to give up and we didn’t give up.
We set goals as a family and also individuals. We set goals so we can always be doing something and also to get things done. When we accomplish one goal, we move to the next goal and accomplish that. One goal my mom wanted to accomplish is be a route manager at her work. She accomplished that and know is the only route manager at her work. A goal I set was to get over a 3.4 GPA. I achieved that and got a 3.5 GPA and know is in honor society. I am really happy about this because I got a 3.5 plus doing sports while getting it, which makes it harder to get good grades. My dad’s goal is to get everything paid off. We are still working on that goal, but trying t achieves it in a couple of years. I’m telling you about this because if you can set goals, and then achieve them and also go to work. Also have time to do things as a family. You are a great hero to if you can do all this stuff, and that’s why my parents are my heroes.
All the things I mentioned are characteristics of a hero to me. My parents mean a lot to me and we have gone through a lot of stuff together. I love them very much and so happy they are there for me when I need them. I am always there for them if they need me to just help pay them back. So if you don’t think that your parents love you are just ignore you, just remember they are going through a lot of stuff right know and they would love to do anything for you. I’m happy my parent can do that. So that is why I chose my parents as my heroes.

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