November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Throughout the majority of my life my parents have guided me, but they weren’t the only ones who helped raise me. My parents have only scrutinized that I get good grades in school and behave in school but they didn’t influence my individuality much. It took others inside or outside the family to sculpt who I am. As a kid, I looked up to my role models and solicited advice from those who I looked up to. I consider my older brother an astute individual so he is my biggest influence.

Watching skate videos in our living room with my brother in the summer days, we were getting psyched to skateboard. I realized skateboarding is something interesting to me. My brother advocated the idea of do what you feel is amicable. He isn’t the type of person who changes because of peer pressure or other influences. He instinctively helped me discover one of my passions, skateboarding. Whenever I skateboard, it feels like I am at peace with my surroundings.

Music is another one of my passions. Sitting in my brother’s room at night, talking about our lives, we were listening to different kinds of music. We weren’t listening to none of that vexatious music that’s played on the radio. He advised me to never listen to anything that give off an ineffectual feeling. He told me to search for the music that puts you in a great mood.

“Never loath to admit a mistake Eric, just take responsibility.”

My brother has taught me so much about responsibility. Like, stay away from nefarious people and troubles won’t follow you. Those types of people are only a malady to me. He taught me to own up to all my mistakes. Then I take those mistakes, and learn from them.

A message I would send to all of those people concerned about their kids is, have the kids keep pursuing their passions. It will lead them to success one day. With the guidance I have received from my brother, I know I’ll do well in the future.

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