My Hero

November 18, 2009
By Anonymous

My hero is my grandpa. he is my hero because he is always there for me know matter what. I go to my grandpa's house pretty close to every weekend. When i go to his house we will sometimes just hang out or we will go do something fun, or do chores. If i do have chores they are not anything hard to do, it usually pretty easy stuff to do.

i do a lot of stuff for my grandpa. it helps him out a lot because he is getting older and cant do as much stuff as he used to be able to do. it is also nice when I am living at my moms house because my grandpa lives like 5 houses away so I can just walk to his house if he needs me or something. My grandpa will do anything for me, like if I was out riding my bike and i got a flat tire, then he would be the first person to be there to get me. My grandpa does a lot of stuff for me to. He will buy almost anything for me that i need, or something i just want, which he usally does.

This year me and my grandpa are going hunting together which i am pretty excited about because i have really never gone hunting with my grandpa before. i usally go hunting with my dad and uncle ryan, which i am still going to do except i am going with my grandpa to. i think this year hunting will be fun because my grandpa just got a new quad and i am riding a 110 trail bike so that will be lots of fun. hopefully we get something.

I love my grandpa and would do anything for him. these reasons are the reasons why my grandpa is my hero, and many more reasons to.

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