November 17, 2009
By Anonymous

A hero can be anyone, like a mom. My mom is my hero; she really tries her best to keep me out of trouble. She taught me a lot of stuff. She’s always there when I need her. And she can even act like my best friend at times.

Every time I get in trouble, my mom trips out on me. Sometimes it pisses me off, because I want to live my own life. But I now understand that she trips out for a reason. My mom doesn’t want me to mess up in life. She wants the best for me. Every time the school calls to tell my mom that I didn’t go to a class, she gets really mad and starts yelling at me. She makes me really mad when she yells, but she’s doing it because she cares about me. She wants me to succeed in life.

My mom taught me how to be polite to others. She told me that if I respect someone, they’ll respect me. Because I’ve followed her advice, I get a lot of respect. A lot of adults respect me because of that. She also taught me how to skate; she was a pro skater when she was young. And last, she taught me how to street fight, because she wants me to be safe when I go out.

My mom is always there for me when I’m depressed. She gives me candy to help me feel better, and she hugs me really tight. She’s always worrying about me; she calls me a lot when I’m outside the house. I get really depressed when it rains, but my mom tries to cheer me up by giving me a ride anywhere I want, so I could have fun. When I’m somewhere really far from my house, I can always call my mom for a ride, and she’ll come pick me up.

Even though my mom tries to be a supermom, she can also be my best friend. Sometimes we crack jokes out of nowhere, it is so random. We watch comedy central together, we watch movies, we play video games, etc. we do a lot of stuff together. That’s the only reason I like my mom.

My mom is my main hero. She’s always trying to keep me out of trouble; she has taught me so much, she’s there for me when I need her, and she can even be my best friend. My mom is my hero because of that. She has really helped me.

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