billie joe armstrong the icon of punk rock

November 17, 2009
my idol is billie joe armstrong because he is the king of punk when i grow up i want to be like billie joe armstrong why i would be a great singer and guitarist i like to be like my idol. i like to be a singer but i would get help from billie joe because i like to sing if he help me to sing i would be a great singer or a songwriter or a guitarist that is the fuel of billie joe. if there was a list of icons of rock billie joe could be on the list to me billie joe is a icon he is the role model for future guitarists, songwriters, and singers he is the icon of punk because he is the best songwriter best guitarist and singer in the world. as i look to the future i would be the best guitarist songwriter and singer

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CigarettesandValentines43 said...
Nov. 18, 2010 at 6:49 pm
I've posted like 3 times on this article and its never showed up. Am i not allowed to swear?
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