My Hero

November 16, 2009
By Anonymous

If people were superheroes, my friend Spencer would be Spiderman
because Spiderman is the best, and everybody loves him. He may not swing from
buildings, but he’s still extremely cool. The first time we met, was church summer
camp, 2008. He was one of those shy guys that I didn’t really take the time to get
to know, but once I got home I decided to text him. I then found out that he was
really funny and easy to talk to.

Ever since then, we’ve had so many inside jokes that nobody understands.
A lot of them I forget, but he’s yet to forget one. We have just as many memories
as we do, inside jokes. Like the time he came over and my other friend and I gave
him a makeover, but he wouldn’t let us take pictures. Or the time we were riding
my go-kart and he almost made us crash!
There was actually one specific time when Spencer and I were standing on
my go-kart while somebody else was driving. We were driving towards the
handle of a zip-line, and Spencer thought it would be a good idea to try to jump
and hang on. That of course, was not a good idea at all. I wasn’t going to stop him
though, because somebody was recording it. As Spencer grabbed the handle, it
didn’t budge…but the go-kart kept going, and he landed on the spinning tire. All
was good once we found out he was ok.
Spencer and I have a lot of things in common, except our taste in food, and
that I probably wouldn’t jump off a moving go-kart. During the summer, we went
“extreme inner tubing”, where two inner tubes would be separated from each other
and would occasionally collide. We really made the “extreme” part obvious to all
who observed, or even recorded it. When I came to close to Spencer’s inner tube,
he stuck his foot out, and flipped my tube over! It was so much fun, and I’m glad
my friend got it all on video.

Spencer is more than just jokes and extreme sports though. He also always
has my back through tough times. He isn’t just a fair weather friend like a lot of
people I’ve met, and he never lets me down. On my birthday, he was one of the
two people to call to wish me a happy birthday.

The part of Spencer that makes him the most inspirational to me is how he
reads his Bible daily. When I have a problem, he’ll tell me to go read my Bible, or
he’ll just give me a verse that could help me out. Then he’ll give his own advice,
which I always say is his “Dr. Phil advice”, because it’s so good. So whether
we’re texting, making new jokes, riding go-karts, inner tubing, or just talking
about something serious, Spencer will always be a hero in my life.

The author's comments:
This is about my best friend.

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